IndiGo's Heartwarming Mother-Daughter Duo Takes Flight, Captivating the Internet on Mother's Day

The captivating video showcases a heartwarming bond between an IndiGo air hostess and her mother, who both work as cabin crew for the airline.

The Story

Yesterday, people across the globe celebrated Mother's Day, a cherished occasion dedicated to honoring and showing gratitude to mothers. Social media platforms were flooded with heartwarming posts that showcased the unique and profound connection between a child and their mother. To commemorate this special day, IndiGo released a captivating video that has swiftly gained attention online. The video portrays the inspiring story of an IndiGo air hostess and her mother, who coincidentally both serve as cabin crew members for the same airline.

''Happy Mother's Day to the one who's always had my back, on the ground and in the air,'' IndiGo tweeted along with the video.

Watch the heartwarming video here:

In the video, the air hostess, Nabira Sashmi, warmly introduces herself to the passengers and takes a moment to introduce her mother, who is also present as a member of the cabin crew. Nabira expresses her surprise and joy, mentioning that it is the first time she has witnessed her mother in uniform, serving alongside her on the same flight.

"I have seen her in the cabin doing all the work and today I am in her shoes. This past six years, I have seen her talking on this PA, and today, finally, the day has come when I am talking on behalf of her. I hope I make her proud today," says Ms Sashmi.

Witnessing the heartwarming announcement, tears of happiness stream down the mother's face as she lovingly plants a kiss on her daughter's cheek. Meanwhile, the passengers erupt into applause and cheers to celebrate the special bond between the two.

How Netizens have Reacted

The touching moment between the mother and daughter has become a sensation online, captivating hearts everywhere. People expressed their gratitude to IndiGo for providing them with the chance to work together, while also extending their well wishes for their future endeavors.

One user wrote, ''Heart touching love. Happy mother's day. It made my day.'' Another commented, ''That makes a difference! Good gesture by Indigo roster dept for putting Mom n Daughter on the same flight on Mom's Day.'' The daughter also retweeted the video and wrote, ''Finally lived the dream.''

A third added, ''A very very happy Mother's Day ! Best wishes for your career!'' A fourth said, ''I was crying watching this. Proud moment for a mom-daughter.''