India’s Top Five Surreal Travel Destinations

Stop scrolling and start exploring the surreal!

If you have a penchant for surreal artworks of the early 20s, why not tour a few dreamlike destinations in India blessed with nature’s unbridled beauty? Travelling to these five places will help you experience what it feels like to walk into a Dali or perhaps René Magritte masterpiece.

Markha Valley, Ladakh
Markha Valley is a whimsical play of colours that will liberate the hedonist in you! As you tread the valley, you meet gushing rivers, ancient mountain hamlets, green pastures and desolate valleys. While for most of the trek, Markhasleeps in wilderness, in intervals, the unanticipated arrival of diverse landscapes will leave you awestruck! Markha is a spontaneous collage of beautiful dream imageries, unlike any other trek in India.

Mawlynnong Village, Meghalaya

The pastoral setting of Mawlynnong village comes alive best during monsoons. As you see the gorgeous green gently clothed by clouds dancing on the crystal clear water, the picturesque calms your senses.

Sandakphu is an affair of white clouds, sleepy villages blanketed by snow and rhododendrons. The uninterrupted views of sunrise and sunset are your constant companions. Sandakphu’s store of scenic helps you forget the pains of traversing the rocky routes. You will be starting early for trekking and ending on a peaceful albeit exhausted note. To a worn-out traveler, the unison of sun rising from the clouds only to dip seconds later distorts any notion of linear time.

Imagine, below a blue sky, the river is washed in gold as a few boats leisurely linger in the distance. Far away, you seat alone on the steps of some century-old ghats soaking in the light and faith. In the morning, you walk through the narrow lanes and alleyways dotted by houses with jail work and stone-carved windows, occasionally flanked by cycle rickshaws and priests with hennaed beards. Varanasi is a beautiful comingling of early morning siestas and boatmen’s serenades. As, Dali would say, “What is important is to spread confusion, not eliminate it,” Varanasi is the epitome of this surreal beauty.

Chand Baori, Rajasthan
Perhaps the most deluding yet hauntingly beautiful place, Chad Baori is the oldest surviving step well in India. Its 3,500 steps are arranged in perfect symmetry and descend into the dark well below. As legends have it, Baori is haunted. Let that not prevent you from basking into some peaceful seclusion, standing on the Baori balconies, as the sun and cool breeze play on your skin.

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