India Celebrated its 77th Year of Independence: Here are 5 landmark achievements of the country

India is home to a billion people whose origins are among the oldest in the world!

2023 marks the 77th year of India's independence. However, the nation has existed for thousands of years before that. It is one of the oldest civilizations on the globe, including the Egyptian and Mesopotamian civilizations. After being in existence for so long, the nation has seen innumerable changes. Ever since the British ruled India, the idea of a single nation emerged, and our ancestors fought for our freedom and snatched it from the colonizers.

The nation of independent India was born in 1947. After years of plunder from foreign rule, India was struggling with many problems. Yet our nation has managed to achieve the unthinkable after its formation as a sovereign democratic republic. To know more about the glorious feats India has managed to achieve, read till the very end. 

A nation of inclusion

India is the most ethnically and linguistically diverse region on the globe. There are more than a thousand local dialects, languages, and ethno-religious groups. However, our country has managed to function under one system and nation. This can only be described as a miracle, if you ask any anthropologist or sociologist, our nation's diversity is more akin to a continent than a country. 

The flagbearers of democracy

Democracy is one of the pillars of modern society. India has a population of over a billion people and still upholds a democratic national election. In these elections, the largest number of people on earth vote, exercising their right to an electoral franchise. In our last Lok Sabha elections, almost more than half a billion people voted, which means the democracy index in our country is much higher than that of even developed nations.

The Supremacy of the Indian Space Programme

The Indian Space Research Organisation, or ISRO, is the national body for space exploration. Compared to first-world nations, our annual spending on these institutions is much lower. However, that doesn't deter our scientists from achieving the absolute impossible.  India is the only nation on the globe to have landed on the south pole of the moon. This is significant, as only four nations have been on the moon. With Chandrayan 3, a nation that was once left torn is now on the moon and will go further than the stars! 

The Cultural Influence

Since the 21st century, the soft power exported by India has exponentially increased around the world. The cultural influence stems far beyond the subcontinent and extends to the farthest parts of the globe. Among our greatest cultural vehicles is our cinema. This expansion started with Bollywood and the unique way it presents its narratives, keeping in line with Nukkad theatre traditions of the past. Now, even the movie industries in South India are dominating the scene! RRR has been to the Academy Awards and won. That is not all; Indian cuisine has become one of the most sought-after in the global culinary industry. 

Strides in education 

When the British left India in 1947, the literacy rate in India was below 50 percent. Through continued efforts and government programs, we have now been able to achieve a literacy rate close to 80 percent. The scope of pursuing cheap higher education is also readily available, as there are many national and state colleges and universities run and subsidized by the country. India rewards knowledge and tries to foster and aid its youth in education; this is evident from the various government schemes designed to incentivize education among the rural population.