Incredible Benefits Of Playing With Lego

Building and creating stuff with legos is not just a great pastime for kids, but it benefits their cognitive development in a million ways. Legos are great to play with. Be it individually or in a group, playing with legos is one of the best ways your kid can spend their time. This is not just because legos offer great satisfaction, but it also helps in the cognitive development of your kid. It helps them to bend their mind and be creative while also strengthening their senses. It is a good brain exercise for children and here’s how playing legos can actually benefit your kid.

Teaches Them Social Skills
One of the biggest advantages of playing with lego is that it is a fun group activity. It makes much more sense for kids to play with legos in a group than individually. Building and creating something together would teach your kid the basic social skills while also making them aware about the importance of teamwork. Legos help kids to maintain a joint focus while establishing positive reinforcement through social contact.
Encourages Kids To Be Creative
Playing with legos open up a world of possibilities for your children where they can explore, experiment and be creative. They engage their imagination and could be building anything from starting from their favourite comic hero to a city. There’s really no limits what kids can create with legos. Just letting their imaginations run wild would do the trick and would nurture their creativity.
Induces Problem Solving Skills
Following instructions while playing legos help your children learn problem solving skills. Moreover, legos also help children to gain mathematical and spatial training. If you think about it, legos are the perfect fun way of teaching your children about symmetry and patterns. They also help them to understand location and space. If they encounter a problem in building the blocks or fitting them appropriately, it encourages them to solve the problem by being creative about it.
Builds Focus And Concentration
Legos are a great way of improving your kid’s focus and concentration. Creating things with lego takes a lot of patience and focus. It helps them to put logic into the activity, which ultimately is a great way of focus training. Moreover, legos do not offer children the instant gratification that they crave for and instead teaches them to be patient and work on the building process.