How to use virgin olive oil in different ways

Not just over your vegetable salad, but olive oil has various other usages

Oil extracted from olives, the fruits of the olive tree have a distinct taste and are high in phenolic antioxidants making it highly beneficial. However, the extra virgin olive oil is considered to be the healthiest type of olive oil for it is extracted using natural methods. The natural way of producing olive oil being olives pressed to extract their oil. However, the modern methods involve crushing olives and mixing them.

Since it is a natural oil product, it is non-sticky like other vegetable oils and can be used for a variety of purposes. But remember there are three main types of olive oil — refined, virgin, and extra virgin which is the least processed and refined type.

Right from using them for drizzling over the salads, to kinds of pasta, olive oil can be an incredible flavor enhancer making various other foods taste great.

Ice cream
The savory side of the olive oil gels smoothly with the simple flavors of gelato, like strawberry, vanilla, or pistachio. Drizzle it on top of ice cream, and vanilla ice cream is great with some olive oil and sea salt. Or else chocolate ice cream, with a teaspoon of port wine, topped with olive oil and figs make for a great taste.

Most people do not consider olive oil as an option when baking a cake. But in fact, it is actually a great way to enrich cakes by incorporating more healthy fats and antioxidants. Try replacing butter with olive oil when baking. It is like a recipe involving one cup of butter, all you need to use is a three fourth cup of extra virgin olive oil.

So next time adding a spoonful of butter on top of your soup bowl or while making it, try and replace it with extra virgin olive oil for a creamy flavor. So add a drizzle of extra virgin olive oil on top just before serving. It will give your soup a rich flavor, especially in a classic vegetable soup.

Fruit Salads
Adding or drizzling olive oil over the savory salad is a common phenomenon, adding it to fruit salad is another level of tasting. Chop some plums, peaches, and cherries, add chunks of dark chocolate, then drizzle olive oil on top and finally add some sea salt. This is a fruit salad to die for. And if you want, you can replace the chocolate with anything savory that you like.

You can also add olive oil to your favourite fresh cheese like mozzarella and ricotta and sprinkle some sea salt. Also, try adding some olive oil to the yogurt along with few fruits for perfect snacking.

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