How To Use Orange Peels In Your Garden

When you know how to use it, you can create the best out of waste! Wait till you hear how useful orange peels can be!

You must have collected a pile of orange peels once you finished munching on the juicy fruit. Now before you think of sliding them in the trash, here is something that will interest you. As a gardener, you must have noticed the little organic things that can be mulched into fertilizers and compost consisting of basic homely things. Orange peels are no exception. They can be utilised to produce something that will help you do your everyday activities.

  1. The Natural Bug Repellant-
Instead of applying synthetic chemicals to your skin, try the homemade mosquito repellant that will not only keep the annoying buzzers away but will also spread the fresh and fruity smell. The best part about this repellant is, you don't have to apply it to your skin and have the pores all blocked. All you need to do is spread the peels in places with a maximum attack of mites and bugs. You can even keep them stocked in piles of old books and clothes to keep insects away from them.
  1. Adds Acidity To The Soil-
Not all plants thrive on loamy soil. Some need a snarky tone to grow and thrive. If you want a perennial that needs high acidity from the ground, mulching up some fresh orange peels will do the trick to instantly increase the soil's edge. If you know the plant needs acidic soil only, you can prepare it beforehand by adding orange peels to the ground before even planting the sapling.
  1. Keeps Aphids At Bay-
At a glance, you might ignore aphids for the miniature size. However, they can destroy your hard grown plant in minutes. Adding orange peels to hot water and spraying it on the plant will keep the aphids away from your plant.
  1. Make Budget-Friendly Fertilizer-
Do you what holds like a truckload of nitrogen? Orange peels! Mulching up dried orange peels and fix your garden soil with nitrogen in no time. The high dose of nitrogen, on the other hand, is an excellent aid for your plants to shoot up in no time.
  1. Keeps Dogs And Cats Away From Your Plants-
Tired of your dog and cat trying to dig out the plant you sowed with utmost hard work? Well, we have the perfect remedy! Pets hate the citrus smell as much as we detest pineapple on pizza! Spraying orange peels on the plant will keep your furry friends at a distance without harming your plant.