How to think like Sherlock Holmes

Ever wanted to be called as genius as Sherlock Holmes? Well, if not then this piece will help you gain that reputation too.

To think like Sherlock Holmes is not an easy job, yet not impossible either. This skill came naturally to him, however for ordinary people like you and I, we need to teach ourselves to be able to build a mind attic for learning the entirety of thinking like Holmes. Following the below mentioned strategies might not make you Sherlock 2.0, but at least will help you learn the art of thinking.

Watch and observe

Observation with a capital ‘O’, just as Holmes used to say while observing every tiny bit in detail. There is a fine line between seeing and observing, and once you master that, you can be sure of crossing the first stage towards success. The basic information of your surroundings needs to be processed which can happen only if you observe the full details of a situation and not just watch them.

Examine situations being skeptic

A healthy skepticism is necessary to get a fruitful result. Instead of coming to a conclusion at once, you need to keep asking yourself, observe, understand, think and of course feel. One question has to be broken down into subparts to break the dilemma, and getting the answer of each question to get the most explicit solution. For doing so a thorough reading of different subjects and experimentation of matters is needed to help you decode every situation.

Be selective

Getting accurate results needs a focus on quality over quantity. The areas that are vital should be prioritized rather than simply observing more and more things. The field of observation must be expanded for an in-depth evaluation of the smallest-to-smallest detail.

Be fully engaged

When making an observation, you need to be completely engaged to what you are doing, and should avoid getting distracted. It is observed that people who are efficiently engaged in a situation are likely to come up with positive results. Accurate observation, with full concentration and zero destruction will take you to a step closer towards being like Holmes.

Keep challenging yourself

Try solving mysteries and puzzles more often. This helps in sharpening the brain, and practicing to think like a detective once in a while. Your power of observation, and analyzation will get enhanced, and with such challenging roles gifted to yourself, you will in no time start thinking like a professional genius like Sherlock.

Maintain a diary

Although you might have full faith in your memory skills, it is recommended to keep your observations recorded in a diary. Even a genius like Sherlock had every detail noted in his personal diary, so do you. This will help you attach the loose strings of each situation and finally draw a pattern that might lead you to the conclusion.

Keep practicing these strategies and add some of your own too, and in no time, you will see yourself solving cases around.

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