How to teach children to enjoy hiking?

Hiking is a great way to connect your kids to the great outdoors. Here is how you can make hiking fun and a learning experience for them. Thomas Berr famously remarked that teaching children about the natural world must be regarded as the most important event of their lives, and we totally agree with him. A good hiking trip with children would give them and you a sense of accomplishment and that would cheer everyone up for good. You create memories, have great conversations with kids (which is difficult in our busy lives), and teach them how to have a good time without spending any money. But children nowadays don’t even walk two blocks in the neighbourhood, how can you make the hike in raw environment and circumstances Now, people always wonder how would they make their kids go on a hike when they don’t even walk to the park near your house. So, how to get the hike in the harsh conditions with gusto? Well, that is not quite a hard thing to do. The way to slowly get them into hiking would take years of infinite patience and deliberate training. And by deliberate training, we don’t mean harsh and rigorous physical drills but instead, building their interest by experiencing it many times. Here are some tips that would help make hiking fun and interesting for kids. If it is the first hike for your kid, then try to keep it simple and let it be feature-friendly. Try to understand that you are doing this so that your kid could have a great time, so don’t pick up a hike that is too difficult or strenuous. Instead, choose a hike with some fascinating features such as rivers, lakes, waterfall, that can keep their interest on the trail intact. Do not plan a hurried trip, let them have all the time exploring and enjoying the hike As we all know that our little angels love exploring and hiking would fill their minds with awe and fascination. They would want to explore and examine many things. Let them have their share in the exploration and give them a lot of time to do that. Try to make hike fun by playing various games Children can lose their motivation very quickly, so it is your duty to keep everything interesting. Create various games to play during the trip. Plan scavenger hunts or makes them look for different birds and animals. So, when are you planning your next hiking trip with your children?