How To Refresh Your Faded Hair Colour At Home

Tired of your hair colour fading dramatically after every wash? Here is how to keep your colour fresh for a long time. What do we love most about our hair? The fact that we can colour it! And what annoys us the most? With every wash, it only fades away! Clicking a hundred selfies in your newly dyed hair? Thinking you will never get bored of your new look? Alas! You are in for disappointment! In a couple of weeks, it will begin to fade and turn into some overexposed photo you did not sign up for. From the first shower after your hair colour, your hair starts to fade. The open cuticles of the hair allows pigment molecules to seep out. Not that you didn’t have enough problems already, the mineral content in water can oxidise the colour and add an unwanted yellow tint. Heartbreaking, isn't it? Luckily there are some steps to follow that will help you keep your colour fresh for an extended period. Here Try The Gloss Treatment The best way to stretch the colour duration is to go for a gloss treatment. You can choose between clear glass or colour gloss to add shine. The colour option can help correct the tone on your hair strands. You can do this at home. You will need recolouring once in three months. Applying gloss to your har colour ensures lesser damaging of the highlights. Unlike permanent dyes, the gloss does not contain harmful chemicals like ammonia and peroxide. They leave your hair susceptible to damage from UV rays and pollution. Your Shower Routine There is nothing better than a warm and relaxing shower. What makes it even better is a soothing scalp massage. But once you wash your hair with shampoo after having it coloured, the wrecking process starts. The more water your hair absorbs, the more the cuticle opens to let the dye seep out. Do not wash your hair at least four days from when you colour it. Also, keep your hair away from warm water to prevent destruction of the hair tone. When it comes to choosing a shampoo and conditioner, use a formula that is labelled colour safe. Harsh detergents that are present in ordinary shampoos tend to bleach your colour faster than other things If you want to hide your roots, use a concealer. Do not damage your base colour in the process. You can apply the powder or mist to cover your base hair and keep it intact through washes.