How To Prepare Mango Popsicles For The Lasting Summer

Make these yummilicious mango popsicles and make your summer even more enjoyable.

The best thing about summer, you ask? We think the unanimous answer is – MANGOES! Yes, we love them! The juicy creamy fruit has a separate fan base. The possibilities of things you can prepare with mangoes can sure stir up the chef in you. If you are not a person who loves breaking a sweat while cooking on the stove, making these popsicles would be heavenly as you will have the opportunity to stand by an open refrigerator! Here is how to make the perfect summer treat.

This no-cook popsicle recipe is a treat – it is so easy! Inspired by our childhood lollies, the refreshing treat can be cooked up in no time.

To start with, you will need fresh vanilla ice cream, whipped cream, and soy or cow milk. When you pour the milk, make sure you do it very slowly and without whisking it. Pour it in moulds and freeze them overnight to enjoy delicious frozen mango lollies in the morning.

Things you need:

Popsicle moulds: You will need popsicle moulds. If those are not available, you could use paper cups or glass trays.

Popsicle sticks: To hold your lollies, you will need sticks. Wooden stick holders grasp tight and are better than plastic. If you can't find any, try chopsticks or skewers to help you pick the popsicles from the mould when frozen. For bars, use wooden ones to hold the ice-cream well.

A freezer: Not to mention a freezer. This is something that you just can't do without. Make sure there is ample backup, so nothing comes between the process of freezing the treats.

Mangoes: Use mangoes for the recipe. The slightly sour taste gives the lollies such an amazing flavour. For the pulp, add white chocolate to create a dense mixture. This will also help it freeze well. The bar has to be dipped twice in the chocolate to obtain a darker tinge.

The popsicles freeze in about 3-4 hours. After it is frozen, dip it again in the mixture, and they are ready to serve.

The tasty lolly is not only a feast for your tongue but perfect for your skin, digestion and health too. To make them healthier you can add chia seeds to them. Chia seeds are rich in calcium, magnesium, phosphorus, protein, antioxidants and fibre. You can also put grated coconut to your popsicles – it will add texture and keep your body cool during the summer.