How to make your makeup sweat-proof

All you have to do is be careful, calm and apply the make-up on

There is always a time of the day when we sweat, either profusely or mildly. The victim of this sweating is the make-up that drains down as the trickles of sweat start to burst from around our temples. Stepping out for work meetings, lunches and other commitments at the same time putting your best appearance forward requires effort and it hurts if it flows away with the sweat. And for those who deny the need for makeup, it is a choice and everyone is entitled to one. So for the ones not giving up on make-up, even if a bit, there are ways and tricks by which you can make your make-up not move a bit if you sweat.

Try ditching the powder. Using a powder totone down the shine can create a chalky look, which in turn will enhance the fine lines and wrinkles. Instead, use a blotting paper to absorb the excess oil without even touching your makeup.

Say no to heavy foundations
It is best that you avoid using heavy, full coverage foundations as they are more likely to melt and slip down your cheekbones. It is always advisable to switch to lighter products that are oil-free and won’t be heavy on the skin.

Avoid dark colors
To be out under the sun with deep dark colourmake-up can fire back. It is always best to stay away from smoky eyes, dark blushes, and the likes. Under the bright summer sun, they are a bit harsh and are more likely to show a burst of sweat and eventually smudge. The best is to opt for softer colors for the eyes.

Go for water-resistant make-up. This is just taking it a notch-up. Using mascara, eyeliner, and lipstick that is water-resistant or say waterproof is any day better and convenient on humid and hot weather days.

Always carry a facial mist
It is notalways possible to touch up on the make-up when on the move. In such a scenario, carry a facial mist and pump a fine spray of the mist all over your face. This way you will cool off your skin making the make-up last longer.

However, remember some basic tips and tricks for keeping the skin lush, hydrated, and smooth is through a healthy diet. Drinking enough water, wash your skin, moisturize regularly, and use less make-up. Importantly, wait for your skin to cool off after a shower before you start applying the make-up.

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