How the colour of your outfit affects your mood?

Can the colour of your outfit affect your mood? The answer to this question lies in colour psychology. What is your go-to colour? The colour you always reach for whenever you are picking your clothes? You must have met someone who loves dark hues and generally wears blacks, greys and brown coloured outfits whereas some love their pinks, reds and feel happier when they are wearing these colours. It’s time for us to know more about colour psychology. Colour psychology is a very popular theory amongst researchers and psychologists which maintains that different colours can affect and sometimes boost up your mood. While colours affect our mood and behaviour, it is vital to understand that no two people have the same effect regarding a particular colour as it is based on individual perception and experiences. For example, the colour red is often associated with power and attraction but this may not resonate with everyone. Simply said your colour psychology is unique to you. Biological and evolutionary principles play an important role in colour psychology As we all know that evolution is the basis of many things’ society, in the same way, colour psychology is based on evolution. For example, the colour red is associated with aggression and dominance and can also indicate releasing of hormones in both humans and alike. That is the reason why in a game if a team is wearing red have an advantage over other teams as it provides the extra bit of confidence during the game. So, going by this example, we can conclude that wearing red would prove beneficial if you are going for an interview or a presentation. A deeper introspection on this theory would tell you about enclothed cognition. Enclothed cognition means that the clothes we wear can impact our behaviour and mood. Our personal experience also determines how different colour affect them How colours resonate with you also depends entirely on your own experience. Some people may find colours like black and grey as dark and depressing but others may find these colours as powerful. Blue colours can bring calmness on some but for someone who is hospitalized often blue colour may evoke anxiety and fear. So, we can safely say that certain colours can brighten and dampen your mood according to your personal experience. Explore and find colours that boost up your mood and incorporate them into your outfits.