How Does The 3-Second Korean Skincare Rule Transform Your Skin?

Here is what is so unique about the Korean skincare routine that can transform your skin.

Korean skincare and cosmetics are now widely available across the world, thanks in large part to their adorable packaging. Koreans have a stringent beauty routine that includes the use of high-quality skincare products. The 10-step Korean skincare technique includes the “3-second rule,” which suggests that moisturizer should be applied as soon as possible before washing the face (preferably within its initial 3 seconds). Who knew that drying off with a towel may be detrimental to the quest for beautiful skin? We also looked into what happened when people neglected to cleanse their skin before using any other skincare products. Find out more about them by reading on!

Helps With Product Absorption

Applying your skincare products right after cleansing can maximize their effectiveness. The skin’s outer layer acts as a barrier, preventing skincare ingredients from reaching the body’s living cells and vice versa. However, serums and moisturizers work better since they penetrate more deeply into damp skin.

Evens Up Skin Tone

Even though it seems contradictory, your skin might actually feel drier shortly after you clean it. This is because many of the skin’s natural oils are lost owing to the quick evaporation of water. This might lead to dry, lifeless skin. The quicker you apply moisturize after cleaning, the more of your skin’s natural glow and vitality you’ll be able to restore.

Your Skin Will Seem Younger

When skin is properly hydrated, it actually looks more plump and young than when it is dehydrated. Dry skin makes wrinkles and other indications of aging stand out more prominently. Though it makes sense to apply a serum or creme that claims to improve the appearance of the skin’s texture, doing so might actually inhibit your skin from effectively absorbing the serum’s or cream’s helpful elements. Dead skin cells build up on dry skin, making it more difficult for moisturizers to penetrate.

It Is Great For Skin Health

Moisturizer helps restore the skin’s natural moisture balance when applied right after cleaning. Acne is often the consequence of oil pores underneath the skin’s surface producing excess sebum to combat dryness.

Protects Your Skin From UV Rays

To protect your skin from the sun, always use a moisturizer after washing your face. To prevent the skin from becoming too dry and showing signs of aging like wrinkles and flaky patches, many facial moisturizers have sun protection factors (SPF).

Calms Sensitive Skin

Sensitive skin requires special care since it is easily irritated. As your skin totally degrades, you may prevent itchy, dry skin by using cream. Doctors advise against washing one’s face more than twice a day because of the potential skin irritation it might cause.


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