How do you make your eyes look different with eye makeup?

It is easy to do your own eye makeup, just read on When applying make-up the most important part to highlight apart from the lips, cheekbones, and jawline are the eyes. They are the most attractive part about any face, for they hold the truth and are so pure. While some have small eyes, very few have bigger and beautiful eyes and to colour them right is the most difficult task. There is a very thin line to be drawn when filling the eyes with make-up. Emphasizing the eyes to make them look brighter and more awake makes all the very required difference in the overall look. The bigger the eyes appear, the more it will make you look younger and awake. However, with the help of clever make-up techniques, we can always create an illusion of bigger eyes if we have small. Conceal the dark circles Dark circles make our eyes appear smaller; therefore it is important that you chose the right colour to apply. To begin with cancel out the purple and blue undertones from rubbing it on your eyes as it will make them look even smaller than they are. It is important that you always choose a shade of concealer that is lighter and a bit warmer than your actual skin tone. By doing so the colour will mix well underneath and around your eyes uniformly. Curl the lashes Whenit comes to eye make up all we remember is applying the brightest of eye shadow and kajal. Not once do we think about curling up those lush eyelashes as it seems like an extra step. But trust me curling the eyelashes give the required and needed volume to the eyes, curling fans out the eyelashes and makes them look more awake. Once curled, apply mascara and use a lengthening formula along the lower and upper lashes, swipe up and out. Add nude shadows Since eyes are the most attractive part of the human face, it is also important that in order to look all glammed up you don’t always use add unnecessary colours. So this is something the makeup artists swear by, using neutral colours in the crease. Apply a soft brown colour on the crease of the lid it helps give the illusion of a wider lid. Then begin by shading at the outer corner going inwards. Brighten the waterline Filling up your lower waterline with a pale-colored eyeliner is the easiest trick to make the eye look bigger and brighter any day. Always opt for a beige liner as that looks more natural and has the same effect.