Hill stations of South India to replenish the soul

A trip up these hills will soothe the soul.

South Indian hill ranges offer so much greenery it’s easy to get lost in them. The air is crispier, the elevation is doable, and varied plantations stretch along the sides that are totally picturesque. You can have your photo-op sessions on hill-points, trek to your favourite hilltop, and relish the velvety plantations down the slope.

Here are the hill stations in South India that are totally worth it.

  1. Wayanad – The district of Wayanad is a hub for travel enthusiasts. From rich historical evidence in the numerous caves to boating experience, from breath-taking treks up Chembra Peak to shikhara rides, Wayanad has it all.
  2. Yercaud – Fondly known as the Jewel of the South, Yercaud means lake forest. This small hill station is nearby Salem. Yercaud remains a not-so-popular tourist destination, so the beauty is still raw and untouched.
  3. Vythiri– Taking a trip to Vythiri means relinquishing oneself in the lap of nature. This hill station boasts of a serene, quiet life and if you need a break from urban humdrum, Vythiri is the place to be.
  4. Munnar – Pristine waterfalls, velvet tea plantations, foggy valleys – these three sums up Munnar as a whole. Chocolates are a speciality there. If tea processing plants interest you, Munnar has those too.
  5. Kolli Hills – Kolli Hills is a haven for people who like bike ride trips. You will have to manoeuvre 70 hairpin bends to reach Kolli. The essence of the trip lies in the swooping green landscape and the awesome climate.
  6. Kodaikanal – Kodaikanal is a favourite spot for people looking for a vacation, up in the mountains. There are flowing meadows and lush valleys, waterfalls you can take dips in and magical food you can devour on. Once you get the true essence of Kodaikanal, you cannot help but return often.
  7. Ponmudi – Tiny, gently flowing rivers are specialities of Ponmudi. Situated in the Western Ghats in Kerala, Ponmudi’s mist-covered mountains at dusk is a sight to revel in. The rare exotic flora and fauna make Ponmudi a beautiful place to visit.
  8. Devikulum – The place gets its name from the legend that Sita used to bathe in Devi Lake. Spruced with spices and tea plantations, Devikulum has scenic waterfalls to check out as well. Meesapulimala in Devikulum offers trekking among the forests to camp at the end of a hill, under the stars.

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