Highly Anticipated Remote Work Trends

As remote work has survived through the ups and downs and employees made to integrate the work environment in their homes, here are the upcoming trends 

Data have already spoken in favour of remote work assimilating into our lives and luring the most skilled and capable working into signing up for a setup that assures the liberty to work from their comfort nook. As WFH turns out to be more permanent instead of a temporary shift, here are the trends set to define theculture.

Shift in Paradigm for Employee Well-being

As employees gear up for a professional workspace at home, organisations are being increasingly attentive to their well-being which would boost and maintain consistency in performance and motivation. In HR leadership and management, employee wellbeing has been embedded as a key theme.

In the sphere of virtual programmes, holidays, communication, team-building activities, appraisal and personal development, the mantra of health and well-being has been incorporated.

Freelance Portals Amass Traction 

Remote workspace has paved for sustained growth for freelancing opportunities allowing millions to sign up for some side hustle.

Organisations too have been quick to provide freelance work to tap into the potential of freelancers without committing to elaborate staffing arrangements. Numbers in investments have skyrocketed simultaneously following the pandemic.

Increase Reliance on Video-Based Communication 

Sophisticated tools and software expanded the limits of communication. Besides telehealth, digitalised communication has taken unprecedented control across different realms including banking, e-commerce, education and IT for smoother collaboration and better output.

In the coming years, video conferencing would be standardised in a way that would simplify the managerial tasks, promote a uniform workplace culture, rally clear communication and do away with glitches in workflow.

Virtual Screening and Recruitment Process

Organisations are lesser hesitant to adopt virtual platforms for screening and recruiting talents across various departments. The process has unflinchingly maintained the success levels of the pre-pandemic interview system if not enhanced by manifold. Pre-existing stigmas regarding virtual interviews have paved the way for a revamped hiring process and organisations are highly expected to revamp the system going further.

Upsurge of Visa Application for Remote Work Abroad

Several organisations across the world are working on building a diverse workforce by providing progressive work and living opportunities. The trend has brought about a boom in visa applications where employees are flocking to other countries for work. For employees who have been keen on changing living location but not the workspace, this feature has been a boon.