Health benefits of Shrikhand or Indian Frozen yogurt.

Shrikhand, also known as Indian Frozen yogurt is one of the oldest known desserts in the Indian subcontinent. Shrikhand, a sweet delicacy, is generally prepared for special festivals and occasions. Although shrikhand is native to the western part of India, it has now become famous throughout the country. Historical reports say that Shrikhand was even prepared in 400-500 BC. In various ancient medicinal books, authors have mentioned Shrikhand. The term Shrikhand is derived from the Sanskrit word ‘Ksheera’ (means condensed milk) and the Parsi word ‘Qand’ (means sweet). This is basically prepared from hung curd. The entire process is simple yet time-consuming. At first, pasteurized milk is heated and then cooled down, followed by adding lactic curd. Again the milk is heated and cooled. Then, the obtained curd is hung in a muslin cloth for 8-10 hours. As the liquid content is drained, a creamy texture is obtained. It is then mixed with a flavoring agent and sugar to provide a rich flavor. Following are the health benefits of Shrikhand. Shrikhand is highly nutritious: It contains vitamin B complex, calcium, and other important minerals. Thus you will get a tasty dessert with essential nutrients. Vitamins help in providing the required energy. Shrikhand provides calcium: This is one major benefit of eating Shrikhand. The calcium obtained from Shrikhand is really high. This calcium is required for bone health. Shrikhand is one of the healthiest options to get calcium. It helps make your teeth stronger. Shrikhand is helpful for skin health: This dairy product is helpful for your skin. Shrikhand nourishes your skin. It makes your skin softer. To get vibrant skin you must consume Shrikhand. The enriched mineral content help in this process. Shrikhand help in better sleep cycle: Research studies have been confirmed that Shrikhand is beneficial for your sleep-wake cycle. If you are facing sleeping issues like insufficient sleep, you must start consuming Shrikhand. Shrikhand promotes better digestion: Dairy products like curd,and Shrikhand can promote digestive health in a better way. It is a good source of probiotics. So shrikhand supports the growth of gut-friendly bacteria and makes your digestion process smooth. Shrikhand promotes better absorption of nutrients. As Shrikhand provides you with a feeling of fullness, you can add this to your diet if you are on a weight loss program. They also provide better immunity. Shrikhand is an alternative to Low Carb food: Shrikhand possesses low carbs content. Eating a full cup of shrikhand can provide you with around 400 calories. But these calories come from protein and fat mostly. If you are diabetic and facing high-pressure issues, start consuming shrikhand. It will make you full without harming the body. So, make your meal more special by adding this sweet dessert. You can have shrikhand daily or weekly. The best part is,that shrikhand can be consumed with rice and roti.