Health benefits of practicing body neutrality

Body neutrality is no doubt beneficial for your body and health but it can do wonders for your emotional and mental wellness. What is body neutrality? Body neutrality is a concept in which focuses on loving and accepting yourself and your body as it is. The term and concept are relatively new, but experts consider body neutrality as a healthier way in which we engage with our physical selves. Body neutrality has various benefits that range from emotional to physical. One very major benefit you experience while practicing body neutrality is that you tend to shift focus from exercise that may feel like a chore and engage in an activity of your choice instead which will make you feel good and enjoy. But the biggest impact body neutrality contributes is one’s mental health. Let us see in what ways body neutrality helps in your emotional and mental wellbeing. We are not judgemental about the way we look The worst part of living in a world that focuses on looks and body is that we are constantly undermining our body and body shaming ourselves. Yes, we all do that before anyone else does that to us. Thanks to the growing influence of social media, we are constantly reminded of the “ideal body type” and that leads us to start comparing our bodies to ones that we see. So, when we start practicing body neutrality, we start to accept the way you look, and thus you are less judgemental not only about the way you look but the way others do too. With acceptance comes peace and lowering of the stress levels When we are worried about the way we look then without a doubt we are stressed the majority of the time. And we don’t need to explain in detail what stress does to your physical and mental health. People sometimes struggle for years regarding the way they look. So, when you decide to accept and love your body the way it is then it would lower your stress levels. As a result, you are peaceful and happy, your body eats well, sleeps well and it also improves your digestion. Your sense of intuition involving your body and what is right for it is also heightened Body neutrality makes you connect with your body on a deeper level. Instead of waiting for people to tell you what is good to eat and what is not, you listen to your body and eat what is required. Would you try practicing body neutrality?