Haunted places in Bangalore

The Silicon City of India, Bangalore, its IT development, pleasant climate, and breathtaking landscape also has its share of supernatural secrets.

Bangalore, the IT hub of India, has a fair share of mysterious spots with various gloomy activities. The locals and the tourists have witnessed the power of demons or other supernatural powers. This city is also a place that is strongly connected to various paranormal activities, which add to the spooky quotient to the other peaceful environment of the city.

 Kalpalli Cemetery, a place with the presence of supernatural powers at old madras road.

This cemetery at Old Madras Road will surely scare you more than the majority of the other cemeteries you have heard about or visited. The Kalpalli cemetery, which is also known as St John’s Cemetery, is one of the mysterious destinations as many passersby have witnessed a person roaming around the graveyard and suddenly disappearing on being approached. People who have been to the kalpalli cemetery also stated about the air being extremely heavy near some of the graves. In addition, people claim that they get a strange feeling of someone staring at them while they are present in that graveyard.

Terra Vera, the deserted scariest place in Bangalore

It’s difficult to deny the supernatural activities in the scariest old deserted mansion, Terra Vera. The mansion was built in the year 1943 by EJ Vaj. The history of the old mansion reveals that in the year 2002, a piano teacher Dolce was brutally killed by an unidentified attacker, who further buried the body of the piano teacher on the premises. It has been recorded that those who went inside this mansion to click random pictures of the old furniture or other stuff always return with a corrupt image and a dead battery.

Victoria Hospital is the most haunted mansion in Bangalore.

This century-old hospital became the abode of various ghostly activities for a few years. People who visited the victoria hospital claim to witness bizarre activities in the hospital morgue. Some of the people also claimed that there is a white spirit present on the trees within the hospital premises. The security guards have noticed that there are spirits that roam in the hospital premises and cry loudly at night.

Hoskote Route is the scariest path in Bangalore.

Motorists witness the presence of spirits at the Hoskote Route Bangalore. Therefore, all the motorists over there advised not to stop anywhere in this route even if you see one coming asking for a lift.

If you are among those people for whom ghost haunting provides a much-required adrenaline kick, you should visit the above-mentioned destinations.  You will surely come up with some extremely spooky, spine chilling incidents. 

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