Hairstyles for weddings those are easy enough to do yourself

These are simple, easy and glamorous at the same time

Weddings are the most thrilling, charming, glamorous, and enticing event of any household, across the globe. Right from the dress, nail colour, accessories, footwear, colour combinations, hair, and what not is looked into to complete a wedding outfit. Be it the bride, the groom, or the party that accompanies, everyone is particular about looking a certain way at a wedding. While some times, we would want to keep it simple and do a glamorous look without putting in much effort. There are times when a certain wedding outfit demands that efforts be put in. So while you might have things like accessories, clothes, makeup, and footwear in place, a woman always gets stuck when it comes to styling the hair. A hairdo is the most difficult part of getting dressed, be it for any occasion.

And depending upon the hair texture and type, every hairstyle doesn’t sit well with every hair type. But here is a list of a few simple easy to do yourself hairstyles that anyone can do to achieve a glam look at a wedding.

The simple top knot
A top knot is any day a very attractive and classy hairstyle for any occasion. Begin by making a high ponytail and then tease the ponytail until it becomes twice thick. Now using a brush or comb pull the tail backward and pin it. Up next make a full circle with locks of hair around the bun, and fix it using bobby pins. Let loose some hair in the front and the back for a natural look.

The middle part
Themiddle part is the most effortless, cool, elegant, and easiest of all the hairstyles to pull off. It sits well with any face structure and can be made to sit well on any hair texture type. It is both face-defining and versatile. Starting from your glabella up until the back of the hairline, draw a line using the back of the comb. Make sure not a single hair strand is on opposite sides. Now either add curls at the end of the locks or let it straight. You can also put in some hair spray to avoid any frizz.

Easy lower bun
A bun, be it at the top or at the nape looks smashing at any given point in the day. Good for shorter as well as long and curly hair, it is the quickest hairstyle. First, split your hair into two sections, then tie it up into a simple knot. Now twist the two parts of hair in opposite directions around the knot to make it look like a bun. Use bobby pins to secure all ends.

Half-up hairdo
First, curl your hair for waves. Tease the front to create volume, then take a section from the right part of your hair twist it, and pin it to the opposite back of your head. Do the same with the left part of your hair. Once done, pin your front hair to the back.

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