Habits That Could Weaken Your Immune System

Here's how to be mindful of the choices you make when it comes to your immune system.

Making sure your immune system is strong is important for your health in many ways. While it is important to consume the right foods to support immune function, you also need to ensure that you stay away from the wrong things for your body. Sometimes we choose to act on certain behaviours without realising they may be unhealthy for us. The key is to be mindful of your choices. Here are some habits that could weaken your immune system.

  1. Consuming salt in excess
A recent study has found that salt when consumed in excessive amounts could result in immune deficiencies. This could hinder the body's ability to tackle infections. Ideally, your daily intake of sodium should reportedly be under 2,300 mg per day for adults. The best way to avoid consuming too much salt is by not eating processed food. If you can't give it up altogether, consume fewer amounts of it. Instead, add more fresh foods in your diet. Add herbs and spices to it too.
  1. Consuming too much sugar
There are many reasons to give up or cut back on sugar. It could improve your mental health and may even be good for your immune system. One study found sugar had a damaging effect on some of the participant's immune function. Choose healthier alternatives to baked good and treats that are loaded with sugar. Ensure your morning coffee or tea is not filled too much sweetness.
  1. Drinking too much coffee
Coffee is a popular morning beverage and has many health benefits. However, too much caffeine could cause you to develop sleep issues. It may even have an impact on your immune system. Coffee could be hard for many to give up on completely, but you could change your habit. Instead of consuming coffee every day, switch things up and opt for a juice or smoothie on some days. Make sure to avoid any caffeinated drink six hours before you go to sleep in the night.
  1. Not consuming enough green vegetables
Consume at least seven cups of green vegetables daily to provide your body with nutrition. Green vegetables can help give your immune system a boost as they are rich sources of folate, vitamin A and C. You can cook vegetables like broccoli, bok choy and cabbage in many ways.