Grab a friend and watch these buddy movies

They do become best friends by the end of the movie, rest assured. Buddy movies are wholesome. They star two leads who are polar opposites when it comes to personalities, they go on an adventure together, by the end of the movie they become the best of friends. Buddy movies are overall wholesome, and they come with its perks and action and moments. Here are the best buddy movies to watch with your friend. Starsky and Hutch Tom Hanks stars in this cop-meets-dog comedy that is deemed one of the best of its kind. Hanks is a neat freak police officer who partners up with Hooch as his cop partner for a murder case. There are many one-sided dialogues, a little bit of dislike in the beginning but its heart warming. Harold and Kumar Go to White Castle Harold and Kumar share their love for baked items and getting baked. But while once builds up an adult life, the other still keeps getting baked. Harold and Kumar Go To White Castle stars John Cho and Kal Penn with a cameo from Neil Patrick Harris. Rush Hour Action and comedy put together and you have this Jackie Chan- Chris Tucker cop movie. There are action scenes properly executed by the action star Chan while Tucker provides the perfect foil. It is entertaining and the friendship is something to remember them by. Pineapple Express Seth Rogan and James Franco are on the run after witnessing a corrupt cop and a drug lord commit murder. Great action sequence and the two actors bring in a lot of laughs. The druggie losers have to go through hoops to keep themselves alive. The Spy Who Dumped Me Mila Kunis and Kate McKinnon are thrusted in an international spy affair after finding out that their ex-boyfriend is a spy. Crosses and double crosses galore, this is less serious spy thriller you can enjoy with your bestie. The Heat  Romy and Michelle’s High School Reunion You can watch and rewatch this and never be less entertained. Romy and Michelle realizes they were not popular in high school when they attend their high school union. It is comical and is a victory for the underdogs. It has a sweet outcome that is quite entertaining. 22 Jump Street This Channing Tatum and Jonah Hill sequel to 21 Jump Street rightly shows how two friends of different personality can drift apart but still find their way to each other. There’s bromance, there’s a lot of college parties and football matches, undercover cop action but ends with a perfect reunion.