Google Maps hacks to know for your next road trip

Navigation is one of the best innovations of our time. Google Maps serves you by finding the fastest route to your destination. But do you know that if you optimally use Google Maps, it can do a lot more in uplifting your travel experience? Read on to know more.

 You can set your dietary liking for the restaurant search

You would not prefer to visit every restaurant around your destination to check whether they have the food of your preference. Google Maps can simply do this for you; in the settings go to the food and drinks preference and tap the Dietary. From that, you can choose the food type of your choice – vegetarian, gluten-free, vegan, etc. Now, Google Maps will show only the restaurant of your preference.

You can track your parked car

Many times, in an unknown location you lose track of your car’s location; this can be quite time-consuming and scary. Google Maps can save you from this trouble. When you get down from your car, drop a pin by asking Google Maps to save the location of your currently parked car. Later when you are ready to return to your car, get directions to your saved pin i.e., the car’s location!

 You can understand the elevation of an area

This feature comes particularly handy when you are walking or on a bicycle trip. Google Maps lets you understand the elevation of an area; click on the stack of squares on the upper-right side of the app. This gives you the elevation contour lines of the area you are interested in. This topographical feature of Google Maps is remarkably useful when you are biking or walking.

The app lets you measure distance in a straight line

Although Google Maps show you the fastest route to a destination whether you want to walk, ride a car, or take public transportation. But at times you may be interested in knowing the distance to a place as the bird will fly in a straight line. The desktop version of Google Maps gives you an option to measure perimeter, select a point in a line and drag around as needed.

Let your friends know about your trip

You can update your friend about your location while on a trip on a real-time basis. On Google Maps select ‘share trip progress’ and the recipient will be able to see your real location while the trip is in progress.

So, go ahead and use these hacks to make your journey joyous

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