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Golden retriever day: Benefits Of Napping With Your Furry Friend This Winter

Pets are our loyal companions, filling our hearts with love when we are with them.

There are two types of people regarding their views on sleeping with pets. The people in first category believe that sleeping with pets will lead to decreased sleep or allergy attacks. One the other hand, many people feel that it is highly beneficial for their health. As per National Library of Medicine research data, approximately 56% of people and almost 35% of children love to share their bed with their pets. But, what's the actual truth? Here's some science-backed benefits of napping with your furry buddy.

Napping With pets reduce loneliness:

According to global statistics, nearly 33% of world population suffer from loneliness. If you are also feeling the same, here's an effective solution. Try sleeping with your pet. This reduces the risks of depression caused by loneliness. Pets also get the same feeling in the company of a human being.

Napping with pets may reduce PTSD symptoms:

It's very important to handle post traumatic condition of any person. When you are hugging a pet during sleeping, it gives a sense of comfort and safety. According to some survey reports, napping with pets reduces the chance of nightmares. It also reduces the anxiety or post-traumatic insomnia.

Napping with pets is a stress-reliever:

Are you going through a lot of stress in personal and professional life? Are you loosing sleep in the night? If you have already tried multiple ways but yet to find solutions for a stress-free life, here's a way out. Start napping with your pets. This reduces cortisol levels in the body, promoting relaxation. Dееpеr and comfortablе slееp can bе promoted with the soothing prеsеncе of your four-legged companion. The presence of your animal friеnd may also boost the flow of 'lovе hormonе' or oxytocin. Scientifically, this enhances calmness, providing a relaxing sleep.

Napping With pets is best for Pet bonding:

If you want to develop a strong emotional bond with your pet, napping with them is the best option. This provides closeness, enhanced trust, and attachment. Consequently, it leads to a better bonding. This is also an effective way of pet care in winter.

Napping With pets improves heart health:

As we are progressing, there is also a rise in cardiovascular diseases. As per some reports, sleeping with pets calms the nerves and reduce the blood flow, decreasing the risks of cardiovascular illness.

“Finding timе for connеction and rеlaxation in an ovеrly busy society is becoming morе and morе crucial. Including pеt naps in your daily routinе is a fun method to do this. It has sеvеral advantages for you and your pеt in addition to providing a rеpriеvе from thе strеssors of еvеryday living,” said Devanshi Shah, Founder and CEO, Petkonnect.

However, if you have a very light sleep, then it's not beneficial for you to take a nap with pets. Generally, these benefits are observed in people who experience deep sleep. Scientifically, napping with pets increase release of oxytocin, which is helpful in promoting theta brainwaves, observed during REM or deep sleep.

Broadly, sleeping with pets can improve sleep quality, reduce stress, and enhanced bonding with your furry buddy. If you get re-charged with a short nap, an afternoon siesta with your pet may boost these benefits multi-fold.