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Now, you can customize a Triumph using the smartphone in your hand or from the desktop in your bedroom!

Out of several iconic motorcycle brands available in India, the name of Triumph is admired and respected by all the automobile enthusiasts. Founded in 1883, Triumph used to produce bicycles and ventured into motorcycle manufacturing when they produced their first model in 1902. The iconic premium British motorcycle brand is one of the best motorcycle brands in the world with a broad portfolio of motorcycles on offer.

In India, Triumph motorcycles enjoy a healthy position and offer several designs from various genres. That’s not all, as the brand also sells Triumph apparels and accessories to ensure that their brand is everywhere. Now, the UK-based corporation has come up with a fresh offering that will yield a unique experience to its consumers.

Customize your motorcycle

The British brand has launched a customization option on their website that allows a buyer to customize a motorcycle as per their preference and requirement. A patron can change, add, or eliminate any part of the motorcycle which they feel is not as per their taste. To explore the customization option, one requires to visit the official website of Triumph and click on the customize option that is accessible on the right top corner of the page.

Once a buyer clicks on the customize option, he or she needs to select the motorcycle to start the customization process. For every motorcycle, the brand has offered several accessories that can be put on by shelling out some extra cash. To compose this column, we tried to customize a Triumph Street Triple R and given below are the components the brand offered us for customization.

  • Colour shade
  • Quick Release Tail and Tank Pack
  • Front and Rear LED Indicators
  • Heated Grips
  • Tyre Pressure Monitoring System
  • Auxiliary Power Socket
  • Scrolling LED Indicator Relay
  • Swing Arm Protection Kit
  • Lower Chainguard
  • Frame Protector
  • Engine Cover Protector

These are only a few parts and accessories that we have spelled out to provide you an idea about the terrific customization option granted by Triumph in India. However, a buyer needs to know about the mechanical aesthetics of a motorcycle since much may not possess the wisdom of motorcycles and their parts.

Motorcycles available at present

At present, one can find 11 motorcycles available on the website from categories such as Roadsters, Adventures, Modern Classics and Rocket. Once a buyer is satisfied with the customization process, the details are forwarded to the nearby dealer and the purchaser can pickup a custom-made Triumph motorcycle with no hassle.

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