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Glasgow- An Unexpected Destination but worth it- Why you should visit!

Are you planning for a trip to Scotland, and are wondering what to include in your itinerary? Though, it might not seem necessarily obvious at first glance, do consider adding Glasgow in Scotland to your list! Maybe stay there for just a night, but it is a can’t miss! Here are some of the reasons why you should consider it!

The scenes at the River Clyde

Though in terms of scenery, Edinburgh would naturally be the first choice, do consider Glasgow too. Glasgow has the river Clyde flowing through it, and it is seriously a magnificent place to spend a bit of time. The scenery of the banks is breathtaking, and reflects upon the water, making it mesmerizing. It is the kind of scenery that poetry is written about. Moreover, on the river banks, beautiful graffiti can be seen, which is fun to look at. You can enjoy a drink by the river! It is an experience.

A Castle in their University where the first Harry Potter film was shot!

Another place which you must visit is Glasgow University. On one hill, there is a building constructed in the form of an old mysterious castle from the Middle Ages, where interestingly a lot of the scenes from the first Harry Potter film, Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone were shot! Moreover, while walking down from there, do try to follow the stream. The views and the path is mesmerizing!

Kenilgrove Museum and Art Gallery

Another interesting place which you could visit is the Kenilgrove Museum and Art Gallery. This has a fabulous collection of artworks, objects relating to colonialism, exhibits about natural history and many other interesting things. It is something worth exploring, especially if you love history. What is also fascinating is the new very blatant trend that they are trying to put into the museum, about decoloniality. It is unlike any other museum that you would have seen, and is quite progressive! 

The Necropolis And Church

You should also take a trip to the Church and the Necropolis of Glasgow if you have the time. The Church is huge, and beautiful with stained glass windows that you could stare at all day. The Necropolis, which is right next to the church is super interesting. It is a graveyard, on a hill with the graves of many people who were involved in colonial conquests. There are some fascinating structures there, and the place has an interesting historical, but eerie vibe! Definitely plan a trip to it! 

Visit the Scotia

Another place you must consider visiting is the Scotia. Though there is a dispute, it is believed to be the oldest pub of Glasgow. Established in 1792, the black exteriors give it a rustic, cosy and mysterious vibe. It serves a variety of good old school Scottish food and drinks and is extremely charming! It is also rumoured to be haunted by the “green lady”, who apparently walks around in the evenings, tapping on the shoulders of customers! At Scotia, you actually step back into the past! Definitely keep it on your list of things to do there!

Walk Around the City Centre

Glasgow also has a vibrant city-centre, with a load of shops and nice restaurants and cafes. If you are in the mood to shop, or just find a nice café to sit and chill in, this is an ideal place to hangout!