Get A Jar Of Peanut Butter And Upgrade Every Dish

Want to add a yummy edge to every meal you prepare? Add a dab of peanut butter!

Some foods hit that sweet spot more than others. Think about a peanut butter sandwich, for example. A little spread of it would transform any piece of bread into your favourite snack. It must have been the first culinary upgrade in your cookery skills, and even today, it can be the secret ingredient that makes your cooking a bit more special than those regular dishes. Here are some simple ways of elevating your staples with our classic peanut butter.

Experiment With Different Nut Butters

Think about all the other types of nut spreads you have picked up from the shelves of the store. Just peanut butter? Well, we can’t blame you, for that is by far the most popular choice. But you never know, cashew or walnut spreads might become your favourites as well! There are various kinds of spreads, such as pumpkin seed butter, sunflower seed butter, Brazil nut butter, and pistachio butter, and each provides a distinct flavour while adding a superb creamy texture to your food.

Mix And Match

Why serve only peanut butter when you can add some fantastic jam flavours to it? Grape jelly, strawberries, red plum, mango and even blueberry perfectly match peanut butter and make your dish into a filling and yummy meal.

Grill, Fry Or Toast The Bread

No peanut butter dish should ever be served cold. Try grilling or pan-frying it in the oven and see the molten butter enter the bread and make your dish soft yet crunchy.

Add The Crunch

Would you like it creamy or crunchy? Skip the manufactured crunchy spread that eventually gets soggy waiting in the jar. Instead, get a smooth can of peanut butter and add freshly ground nuts to the spread right before consuming it. This will keep them super crunchy and fresh. You can try coconut or granola shreds to make the snack even more appetizing.

Spice Things Up

Why keep it sweet when you can spice it up? Add some cinnamon, pumpkin spice, apple spice, cloves, nutmeg or cardamom and enjoy a real tasty spread on your bread!

Double-Decker Sandwich

Remember Jughead from Archies comics? Remember his signature triple-decker sandwich? When it comes to peanut butter, keep the layers! Jam it between veggies, fries, burgers and patties to get the best of it.

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