Gestures that aren't romantic anymore

Love and romance never get old, but gestures change with time.  When we look around for a partner, there are some general qualities that we start figuring out from the beginning. Most of us want a caring, loyal, attentive and a little possessive partner, especially if we want an exclusive relationship. Many movies teach us to cherish grand gestures for expressing romance, even if these behaviours could be a way to cover up serious flaws in your potential partner. As time changed, gestures that stated romance in the past, no longer in trend. They are losing their glamour among the lovers.

  1. Calling someone after a few lines of conversation isn’t a romantic gesture anymore. In a survey report, it got seen that people from the present generation get more comfortable talking over text than phone calls. A few years back, calling someone to ask them out was exciting. However, most of them find it creepy to receive phone calls in such cases.
  2. Falling in love, at first sight, is past tense. A few years back, the partner who is incapable of expressing feelings after a few months of dating, the other would lose interest. However, the tables have turned the other way around. The present generation believes in a theory of patience and acceptance. According to them, the more time you spend with each other, you become compatible.
  3. Never spill out all the beans on the first date. It might be a sweet gesture, be honest with your partner, but the first date is not the right time. Talking about past relationships or future family goals are not appealing anymore. Instead, talk about each other-their likes and dislikes. Take your time to discover each other. Trust me! It is one of the best feelings in the entire relationship.
  4. We must respect each other personal space. Most of us wish to spend 24*7 with our loved ones. Initially, it sounds flattering, but with time, it gets on the nerves; even if both are in love, spend quality time away from each other to understand the value of the relationship.
  5. Possessiveness and jealousy do not get accepted as romantic anymore. Often jealousy is an obvious response in any relationship, but sometimes it takes a nasty turn. According to expert reports, this evolutionary emotion in a human comes out as a response to relationship threats. It is where trust plays a vital role in saving a relationship.
These are a few gestures that act like a killer element in any relationship.