Genuine hacks to deodorize your home

Many times, our home starts to smell funny; at times it’s the garbage disposal, smelly dishwasher, washroom area, or something else. We bring to you some tricks that can save you from an odd situation when a guest comes, and you have a reeking source of odour.

Vinegar treatment for the dishwasher

In case your dishwasher has started smelling funny, start rinsing the plates and utensils before loading them in it. Also, periodically run an empty cycle with 2 cups of white vinegar instead of detergent. This will ensure that the machine is deodorized as vinegar is a natural antibacterial.

 Brighten the refrigerator with vanilla

Moldy vegetables, sauce spillage, or strong-smelling dishes at times disturb the ambiance of the refrigerator. A guaranteed way to deal with any odour inside the refrigerator is vanilla extract. Soak a cotton ball in vanilla essence and leave it in a small open container placed on the back shelf. The strong and warm vanilla smell will infuse in the refrigerator and take care of any odour.

 Deodorize the kitchen garbage bin

They can be meant to hold household garbage is bound to smell rotten at times especially after an elaborate fish preparation. But there are a couple of great tips to neutralize any smell; firstly, at the bottom of the trash bin, place a few layers of newspaper. These will absorb any leakage which typically causes the smell. Secondly, place a scented dryer sheet beneath the trash can liner to block and offset the stink.

Use activated charcoal to refresh surroundings

It has been established that small activated charcoal filters kept at the potential foul-smelling spots in the house can be the coolest trick to achieve a cotton fresh ambiance. Charcoal effortlessly absorbs stenches and moisture, keeping everything smelling fresh. It particularly works in places like closets, diaper pails, garbage areas, and damp storage areas.

Freshen up the curtains and couches

Many times, our household upholstered sofas, drapes, or couches start smelling funny. It’s also difficult to clean them or get them dry cleaned. But if you have inexpensive vodka at home, it can do a magic trick. Vodka is a natural disinfectant and deodorizer and neutralizes the smell of your upholstery quite effectively. All you need to do is spray some undiluted vodka on the fabric, it should be a light mist.

 Simmer aromatics

This essentially means choosing your favourite herb or spice extracts and using a pot of water and heat to diffuse it around the house. Mingling springtime herbs like thyme and fresh citrus-like lemon slices works magic.

Pick your trick and spread bliss around the house.

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