From insects to massive mammals, few animals who create and use tools

‘If having a soul means being able to feel love, loyalty and gratitude, then animals are better off than a lot of humans’.

Though we feel that we know about the animals around us, the reality is we have very little idea about their potential and the thought process they have. For instance if we talk about how to make our lives easier, animals are not far ahead. Humans are not only the smart animals to use tools, there are several other creatures, intelligent enough to make and use their own tools from small items like twigs, rocks and many more. And they use them for different purposes like building the nests, defending themselves from predators and hunting for their next meal. We become speechless to observe the way they use these limited resources to make life easier. In this article we’ll talk about some of these smartest animals –

Chimpanzees, the closest relative to humans

It’s not a new thing for Chimpanzees to make and use tools without the help of humans. Evidence has been found which showed that in different chimp settlements they used to make the stone hammers and spears to hunt for the meat. They have also developed special tools for grazing army ants.

Elephants, having larger brain like the body

With larger brains than other land animals, elephants can do wonders. Intentionally, they can throw the logs or rocks to the electric fences to short them out or they can block the water holes with the balls made of chewed bark to stop other animals from drinking them. Asian elephants are even more efficient at using their brains for attacking the insects as well.

Dolphins, a renowned one from the sea because of its intelligence

This aquatic animal is not only famous for its cuteness but also for its intelligence among the other sea creatures. Recently scientists have discovered that they can be very hardworking because a group of bottlenose dolphins in Shark Bay and Australia fetch marine sponges with the help of their beaks to beat the ocean bottom in order to uncover the prey. They are such workaholics that they prefer spending most of the time hunting with tools and in this case they can only be compared with none other than humans. 

This proves that if you observe these infirm animals, they will fill you not only with happiness and love but also with so much knowledge and information.