Four Ways to Heal Flaky Skin

Quick fixes to try instead of fretting over dry, swollen and flaky skin


If regular moisturisers are not yielding visible changes, try the traditional home recipes to do away with dry skin troubles.

Massage with Balmy Oil Extracted from Sunflower Seeds

A few drops of this potion can heal dry and itchy skin from within. The goodness of sunflower oil has been trusted since antiquity and integrated into skincare regimen. It nourishes, hydrates and locks moistures besides soothing the battered and bruised skin. Sunflower oil is the perfect embodiment of natural moisturiser which also minimised fine lines, wrinkles and other signs of premature ageing as it adds a radiating glow to the skin. Additional issues of flaky skin such as redness are mitigated.

Try Coconut Oil Therapy 

Coconut oil is equivalent to a protective shield for skin that traps moisture inside and makes your skin supple, soft and hydrated. It is a perfect remedy for chafed and dull skin. If you have minor bruises and bacterial infections, coconut oil would mitigate the consequences.

The oil is absorbed easily into the skin which makes it an amazing homemade moisturising element. Replete with linoleic acid and omega-6 fatty acids, it soothes skin and adds plumpness. Mix a pinch of glycerine to speed up flaky skin recovery.

Leave on Aloe Vera all Night 

The medicinal properties of aloe vera accentuate its efficacy over chemical products or store-bought medicines. When applied consistently, it hydrates and replenishes by treating flakes and peels. Aloe vera is used in versatile ways: mixing the gel with rose water, yoghurt and moisturiser. The gel sinks deeper into the skin’s layers to provide lasting hydration. Redness, itchiness and inflammation are alleviated within days of its use.

Additional measures should be implemented if painful flaky skin conditions persist:

Use warm water instead of biting cold or hot

Apply cleanser instead of frequently using facewash to remove grease and dirt

Dry your skin with a soft cloth replacing rough towel

Slather lotion immediately after stepping out of the shower

Cleanse Skin Using Olive Oil

Ditch the usual soap and harsh cleansing agents if the flakes persist and trust the goodness of olive oil. Rub the oil on skin before draping a warm and damp cloth on the areas. Till the cloth cools, let it stay. Then, remove the excess oil with the cloth to purify and cleanse. Olive oil sponge will clean without stripping off essential oils and moisture content from the skin.

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