Four Social Media Habits to Ditch

Because some habits inflict more harm than others

Social media platforms have splurged in plenty to redefine their aptitude and strategies to forge new connections and develop networking. It has commoditised the simplest pleasures of life triggering an envious reaction among connections and a new phenomenon called ‘context collapse.’

Besides data breaches, indulging in social media has spewed a toxic influence on its users. If you have been hitherto unsuccessful in coming out of the vicious cycle of toxicity, try consciously eliminating these habits:

 Phubbing on Social Media Platforms 

 Phubbing is when you dissociate from your surrounding and passively scroll on your phone. While most of us are guilty of phubbing, compulsive use of smartphone to snub friends, romantic partner, family or colleagues is worrisome. The habit adversely impacts the quality of time you spend with them and can lead to conflicts, poor attention span and isolation. Discarding the urge to check notifications, stories etc. right at the onset would make it easier for you to live in the moment and pay attention to your surroundings.

Devoutly Following too many Influencers

 When you subscribe to this idea of a ‘utopian life,’ you deliberately delude yourself into believing the make-believe world that social media tries to feed us. This blatant and manipulated portrayal of perfection gives rise to a negative feeling of failure, inferiority, stress, low self-esteem, dwindling sense of achievement and lack of self-confidence. It constantly pushes you to chase the mirage called “perfect life” and failing to achieve which you tend to dwell on the failures and the lacks. This certainly impacts the overall quality of life

Browsing Social Media Handles during Meal Time

The distraction is detrimental when you are trying to relish the taste of the food. Social media constantly sabotages mindfulness which is imperative while eating. Meal times provide a great opportunity for bonding, be it with the people around you or with yourself. Tap-tapping on the phone screen can slow down digestion and reduce nutrient levels besides depriving you of the joy of enjoying a sumptuous meal. If you are multi-tasking by browsing on social media platforms, the pleasant experience of devouring the meal is compromised. Therefore, put conscious efforts into staying away from the phone and finishing up with the eating first.

Resorting to Social Media When Lonely

Social media certainly cannot be a hobby, comfort cocoon or shelter to soothe you when distressed or lonely because down the line this reliance will result in an array of negative consequences such as poor mental health. Engage with your environment, call up a friend or practice art instead.

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