Struggling to stay focused while working from home? Here are tricks that can help you get your focus back.

Creating a home office ambience might be very comforting but it also brings a lot of distraction. Working from home is surely a great way to bring productivity but only when you stay focused. If you think you easily get distracted while working from home, we’ve listed ways for you to stay focused while you work. To get more productive at work from home, you must recognise the most common reasons for your distractions and try avoiding them, although you know you can’t always control what’s going around you at home, what you can control is how you tackle it. Here are 5 distractions and ways to avoid them.


When you are at home, you have many other things to finish like doing the dishes, making the bed, cooking or simply finishing your series on Netflix, but your work is all scattered and needs our focus. Try organising things for yourself and not end up multi-tasking. Stay focused on work during work hours and do the rest later. You can plan things in the evening or clean your kitchen before going to bed to avoid having the responsibility of doing it in the morning while you’re working. Not all distractions are important, try staying focused at work, finish your work during your set time and plan your evening for other tasks. While you can always play some background music to keep yourself up and working.


While working from home, you often tend to begin working from wherever you are most comfortable, and there is nothing as comforting as your own bedroom. That’s one of the reason most of you lose your focus or get distracted often while working. Try setting up your workspace in the quietest corner of your house, if you may have to only work from your bedroom, try creating a separate space for your workstation. It will keep you focused and determined to finish your work on time.


It is very tempting to take breaks while working from home. You might be tempted for naps post-lunch, or enjoy your favourite series in between of your breaks, but it will only end up making your work hours longer than usual. Rather than falling for these temptations, try sticking to your regular work hours and finish your work on time to have the rest of your evening by yourself and do whatever you wish to. Try being formal to your work schedule in order to finish your work faster and stay focused and motivated.


Changing your clothes doesn’t mean you have to put on your formals while working from home. But you surely do need to get out of your comfy pyjamas from last night. Try taking a shower and changing into something comfortable but not something that you would wear to bed. This simple routine can help you to avoid feeling sleepy from home and fend off your relaxed mode and put you in your work mode.

If you are someone who is easily disrupted and unable to manage your attention while working from home, try implementing these work from home tips in order to be more productive.

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