Five Worst Travel Fiascos

Hitherto unthought of travel nightmares to crash your travel spree Travellers have chronicled a list of realistic yet horrific events that ruined even the most meticulously planned holidays.  Trapped by Legal Problems in Foreign Land  You are cruising through the most exotic vacation so far, and in a jiffy, you are lodged in a series of unanticipated legal issues! This mostly happens when you are unaware of the many laws observed in the country or too naïve to escape a conspiracy trap! Even the most trivial acts— chewing a gum or taking photos, could result an out of proportion explosion. The worst nightmare of spending the vacation in a foreign jail is not purely fictive. Unless you are fluent with the government’s laws and protocols, you are easily vulnerable to legal mess to avoid which embassy or consulate could be of immense help.  Caught in a Natural Catastrophe   Hilly and desert regions are more prone to mind-numbing and scary natural disasters that take place on gargantuan and epic levels. Flood, landslides, torrential downpour, cloud bursts and forest fires could emerge out of the blues and yet go on in fury for hours. Although unpredictable, being equipped with the basics for sustenance is the most you can do. Travelling with a bit of cash, medicines, dry food, emergency contact numbers and being conversational in the local or commonly spoken language could be resourceful. Check out the weather conditions, medical insurance and coverage, travel alerts and warnings to thwart off any severe consequences as far as feasible.  Forgot Valuables in Cab  Travelling in a hurry and forgetting documents in public transport could set off a flurry of unfortunate events to derail all your travel plans. After all, you would be running a marathon, often reaching an impasse, in search of the lost valuables. The situation wrecks all the enthusiasm and resources you had dutifully preserved for the travel. Well, to avert the crises, be cautious, calm and sorted. Compartmentalise the day’s tasks to avoid last-minute conundrums. Tuck your belongings safely and unpack only on reaching the hotel room which will reduce the chances of spilling and scattering of things and making them vulnerable to loss and damage.  Reservation Blatantly Cancelled by Hotel   Minutes before reaching the destination you get to know that the reservation is cancelled irrespective of all the prior confirmations. Being a traveller, do business with reliable and reputed organisations that would flinch twice before committing such irresponsible acts. Carry printed copies of documents and be well-recharged in case an unmediated crisis pops up.