Five ways of making friends and expanding your social circle

If you find meeting new people and making friends bit challenging, these points would help you expand your social circle.

For an extrovert, this might be easy, but making friends and expanding social circle can be difficult for an introvert and a shy person. It is fine till the time you are in school and college, but afterwards, many people find it difficult to make friends. Sometimes you face this problem when you move to a new city or a new country. We understand that even with the best intentions, people fail to make friends because they don’t know where to start. Here are some of the ways you can make friends and expand your social circle.

  1. Talk to people
The first way of reaching out to people is talking. Talk even to strangers. While we understand your inhibitions, making a little talk now and then with your neighbours, the guy you meet every day in the subway. Sometimes these small talks lead to being acquaintances to even life-long friendship.
  1. Join different clubs
Are you looking for friends with the same interest and hobbies? Then go on the internet and find clubs of your respective hobby in the neighbourhood and join them. Do you like cycling, hiking, reading or cooking? Join the club and be introduced to people with the same interest as yours.
  1. Roam around your neighbourhood
Get to know your neighbourhood and the people around you. Get to know the local grocer, a fellow jogger. Instead of holing up in your room, hoping that people would notice you, take action and move around. You will end up being surprised by how many interesting people are just around you.
  1. Get to know your co-workers
If you are one of those that keep work and social life miles apart than stop doing that. Co-workers are more than people who work with you. Think about it; you work in the same organization, so your woes and struggles with work would be more or less the same. After office hours mingle with your co-worker and find out the similarities between them and you.
  1. Do you have pets?
Pets are a great ice-breaker while conversing with people. They also make you seem more friendly and approachable. This trick can also work with small kids. So, take your nephew or niece for that ice cream or accompany them to park.

So, don’t hesitate and go out and meet people, and you might find many times people are waiting for you to take the first step.