Five successful family-run businesses in India are running for over a century

Let’s know more about the family-owned businesses in India, some of which are running successfully for over a century.

India is one of the most emerging markets for investors all over the world. There are many multi-million dollar industries that are established and owned by Indians. Many of these companies are successfully generating employment and revenue for India. Some of these are family owned and run successful business houses that are with us for more than 100 years. Some of these family-run businesses are as follows.

  1. Tata Group
Tata group was founded by Jamsetji Tata in the year 1868 in Mumbai. At first, he started out with a trading firm, namely Tata Sons. Jamsetji was a pretty ambitious man, who wanted to start Iron and Steel company, a hydro-electric plant and a hotel. He was the founder of historic and famous Taj Mahal Palace Hotel in Mumbai. The city of Jamshedpur is founded by and named after him. Ratan Tata took the Tata Industries to new heights and made it a global name.
  1. Shapoorji Pallonji
Shapoorji Pallonji group was founded by Pallonji Mistry in the year 1865 in Mumbai. It is also known by the name SP Group. They are known popularly for producing the costliest film of all times, Mughal-e-Azam. They specialize in shipping, power, publication, real estate and construction.
  1. TVS Group
TVS Group was founded by TV Sundaram Iyengar in the year 1911. He worked as a lawyer in a bank and Indian railway. He started his own bus service in 1911. It is said that Madras Auto Service Ltd, Sundaram Motors, TVS Gas Plant in the same year only. They have many companies in the field of automotive, textile, electronics in various parts of the world.
  1. Aditya Birla Group
Founded by Seth Shiv Narayan Birla in the year 1857. He started trading in cotton and made it big.  He started a jute and cotton trading in the town of Pilani, Rajasthan. Soon, the house of Birla became one of the most prominent industrialists of the country. It was in the year 1960, Aditya Birla founded the Aditya Birla Group.
  1. Kirloskar Group
The famous Kirloskar Group was started by Laxmanrao Kirloskar in the year 1911. It was under the able leadership of Shantanurao Kirloskar that Kirloskar group grew with leaps and bounds. They became the biggest producers of valves and pumps and exported them across the globe.

These companies, even after so many years, are pioneer in customer satisfaction and are dedicated to keeping quality above quantity.