Five Steps to Healthy and Shiny Hair in Summers

Summers are the coolest season!Slurp on your smoothies to start your summer days. You get to try out all those trendy summer dresses, put on those light and jumpyflipflops, and head out for the day,may be order a summer cooler, go have a kulfi or a smoothie, and chill. Makes for a perfect social media candy, doesn’t it? But Then comes those hair debacles. Well summers are the enemy of your naturally bouncy hair. It does get on to your nerves. The scorching heat of the summer’s sun joined by the rise in temperature, these are the arch-enemies of your healthy hair growth. You really need to take care of that.

But, not all of us know the tricks of maintaining head full of healthy hair during the summers, is it? We are here to solve just that particular problem. Here are the 5 most important tips that can get you out of this knot. Problems? Harsh sun rays causing hair damage, dryness, and dullness, fading of hair colour and not to forget, scalp problems.

The ways to go about it is.


Hair Care



Covering hair with a headgear of some sort.

Cleansing of Hair and Scalp

Summer sweats are hampering scalp health. It becomes oily and greasy and leads directly to having dandruff problems, other scalp infections and itchiness.  Use a shampoo that suits your skin and hair-type and don’t forget to rinse it thoroughly with a nourishing conditioner. Remember never to let your hair go unwashed for more than three-days.

Care for your Hair

The harsh rays of the sun need to be defeated by a constant hair care routine. Use scalp-care products, masking and protect your hair from direct sun rays and don’t forget to nourish your mane. Find products that are hands-on and full of UV protection, more so if you have coloured hair. On the mid-lengths you can also apply just a few drops of hair serum. They function as the sunscreen for the UV rays.

Style your hair with a haircut

Don’t tighten your hair into a knot, or a bun, or a ponytail. Try and retain the moisture of your hair. Go for a short haircut.

Pamper your hair

Go for hair spa and you will get the pampering your hair deserves.

Cover your hair

Finally, to wear off the ill effects of scorching heat and sun rays, use a headgear. That always comes handy.

Follow these tips properly and you are sorted for the summers.

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