Five Green Start-up Companies In India That Will Inspire You

The effort to go green is more than just taking care of the environment, it’s about making a conscious effort to help conserve resources.

Green and sustainable start-ups can bring about a radical change by educating people and spreading awareness regarding environmentally-friendly services and products. From using renewable or recycled resources to mitigating the consumption of energy and generation of waste, there seems to be a universal attempt by Indian start-ups to protect the planet. Numerous aspiring entrepreneurs in India have joined hands to manufacture green and innovative products. Here is a list of five green start-ups in India that will certainly inspire you.


The outbreak of COVID-19 has infused fear among the Indians for availing public transport. With the easing restrictions of lockdown, many people have resumed going to work and are left with no choice but to rely upon public transport.  E-BikeGo is a bike rental company that provides electric bikes at an affordable price to the people of Bengaluru, Pune, and Mumbai. The monthly subscription for the E-bikes starts from Rs 3,600, which is quite feasible for companies that offer delivery services as well as individuals.


ZunRoof is a Gurugram-based home-tech startup, started by Sushant Sachan and Pranesh Chaudhary in 2016. The enterprise helps in the generation of electricity through solar energy by making use of rooftops that are unutilized. ZunRoof has successfully installed solar rooftops in more than 5,000 Indian homes.


EcoRight is an Ahmedabad-based start-up that was founded in 2017 and has 18 product lines and 140 stock-keeping units in nearly 11 e-commerce websites. Nikita Barmecha and Udit Sood founded the enterprise to manufacture products that are legally, socially, environmentally, and ethically audited, under the pillar standards of SEDEX 4. The products of EcoRight include backpacks, work bags, tote bags made out of natural products and are reusable. Innovative and eco-friendly fabrics are used to develop the products.


MINC, also known as Mini Couture is a Bengaluru-based fashion start-up that produces contemporary eco-friendly, and sustainable apparel. Kochery C Shibu and Mini Varkey Shibu, founded the company in 2007, and the enterprise produces garments using azo-free environment-friendly dyes and natural fabrics only. MINC also promotes khadi and green living through eco-fashion.

Bluecat Paper

Kavya Madappa is the founder of Bluecat Paper and the company produces paper using industrial and secondary agro waste like flax, lemongrass, coffee husk, cotton rags, banana stumps, and also feces of elephants. The firm collects nearly 20 tonnes of secondary waste from five units of factory and 100 farmers every month to manufacture paper.

Did these start-up ideas inspire you to undertake a greener mission to save our planet?

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