Five essential facts you should know about Money Heist

“Sometimes, a truce is the essential part of a war.”- Professor.

Here in this series, you will find an amalgamation of drama and thrill, which is loved by a lot of audiences. Money Heist at present is one of the popular Netflix series, starting from the origins of the name of Tokyo to Arturo’s actual flamethrower; there are a lot of interesting unknown facts about this popular series money heist. You will be interested to know that it’s a series which has a lot of interesting behind-the-scenes facts which most of the fans of this series are not aware of; this may include the alarming number of jumpsuits this series had to use or the challenging experience of Arturo with the real flamethrower. Let’s explore the world of money heist behind-the-scene.

Even the Professor has an unofficial city name which many of the fans are not aware of.

It is one of the interesting aspects of this series that all the characters in this series have their unique names based on different famous cities all around the globe. On the contrary, the Professor is a different character, who is the mastermind and most of the viewers fail to recognize that even he has a unique unofficial name based on a city, and the name is Vietnam City. Vietnam city is surely the perfect name for the Professor, as there is a similarity in the core characteristics of the city and the person. The city is mysterious, protected and filled with various insights.

Budget constraint is the reason behind the first season being exclusively shot in Madrid.

The first season of money heist started with a limited budget; during this phase, the cast of this series never even left the Madrid streets. The budget of this series increased enormously when Netflix came into the picture, and the popularity of this series increased. In the later part of the series, with a great budget, Money Heist got access to expensive helicopters, private islands and got permission in the Thai Buddhist temples, all these things cost a large amount of money, but it had a powerful impact on the minds of the viewers.

The Spanish National Research Council (CSIS) is shown as the Royal Mint of Spain in this series.

At the very initial stage, the production team thought of filming the big scene in the Royal Mint of Spain, which is directly operated and managed by the Spanish Ministry of Economy and Business. They failed to get permission to shoot there, and further, they used Spanish National Research Council (CSIS) at Madrid to shoot a couple of scenes outside the place, and the other scenes were done in their studio itself.

The scene which we see while relaxing requires a lot of hard work, brainstorming and proper budget planning. The above points reflect that every story has its own behind-the-scenes fact, which is extremely interesting.

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