Five Best Uses of Your LinkedIn Profile

Here is why you probably should not let your LinkedIn profile rot in vain

Your LinkedIn page will rank first on Google search, and, therefore, it is important to harness the best out of this professional platform!

Staying Tuned to Job Openings: LinkedIn uses a streamlined process for job seekers who are digging into new openings or change industries. To nail the job hunt, highlight your recent experiences and skills and update the profile. Research on LinkedIn about the companies you are interested in. Use the Advanced Search option to connect with employees who have been associated with the organisations and know about their experiences.

Adding Credibility to Resume: Besides uploading the resume on LinkedIn, the use of LinkedIn URL on your CVs, resumes and applications. With a simple click on the link, recruiters are lead to a more expanded space to review your experience, skills, industry knowledge, professional mettle, endorsements, background and recommendations—beyond the limited scope of CV. This substantiates your LinkedIn activity and engagement too. It is a pretty opportune moment to engage recruiters into your professional profile with relevant, comprehensive details.

Showcasing Achievements: Sharing certificates, reviews, volunteering work along with media and specifics could be sorted the best in detail on LinkedIn. The profile gives you ample space to churn content to highlight even little achievements and personal success stories, unlike CVs.

Networking with Professionals: This simple act of professionally interacting on LinkedIn has a plethora of benefits. You will come across job openings through your connections, acquire ideas about relevant certifications and courses, update industry knowledge and work on skills you are lacking in. It is a perpetual process of building yourself to compete in the professional domain. If you are a freelancer, this network can fetch some amazing projects and help you go places!

Personal Branding: Before tapping into LinkedIn’s job board, work on creating your personal branding by sharing your work with LinkedIn members. This will be instantly shared with your audience and fetch you the reach and feedback that you deserve to hone your unique identity on the platform. Your work is not merely restricted to connections, but even the non-connections can view it on their newsfeed. Along with your work and skills, LinkedIn is giving you a space to speak your mind. The astounding features shape profiles into living resume helping you connect with recruiters. While you do not need to spend a penny to expand reach and showcase your work, doing it diligently and frequently can help you strike a chord with audience.

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