Filling salad recipes from around the world that are far from being boring

Here are a list of amazing yet luscious varieties of salads that you would not want to miss.

Gone are those days when salads were just about veggies, boring and tasteless that models on a strict diet would binge on. People could not think of them as a standby option for real meals and some rare kinds made from exotic farm produce were considered too heavy on pocket for a salad. But health enthusiasts now have come up with interesting salad recipes that you can by the side your meal like skipping the fried or chips with a salad. The most important things about the salad is its dressing. If the dressing is done right, salads can just be as satisfying.

Here are a list of amazing yet luscious varieties of salads from around the world and we are pretty much sure that you wouldn’t want to miss a chance to devour.

New York Waldorf Salad

A recipe by Chef Oscar Tschirky of the Waldorf Hotel mixes green with fruits and nuts for the proteins. The unique blend includes celery, lettuce, apple, grapes, walnuts and mayo. You can also add a citrus flavour by using oranges or lime juice. For the dressing mix together the mayo, lime juice, salt and pepper and add it to the fruits places on a bed of lettuce. Add coarsely chopped walnuts on top.

Tuscan Panzanella

This Italian salad  is typically made from onion, tomato, bread cubes soaked in olive oil and vinegar for dressing. Bread cubes not just adds a good crunch but also makes the stuffing adequate for a meal. You can add extra flavours with minced garlic,  Dijon mustard and roughly chopped basil leaves for dressing.


Gado-Gado meaning ‘mix-mix’ salad is a Indonesian speciality, the place known for its fried rice and noodles.  The salad includes chayote, a kind of squash found in the country, tofu, potatoes, cabbage, string beans , corn and all glazed in peanut butter sauce dressing. Tempeh, another soy product is added after frying it up nice and crisp as its protein source. The dressing is prepared using peanut butter, a dark sweet thick Indonesian soy sauce, coconut milk and lime and garlic all simmered in a pot for few minutes before adding to the veggies.

Dressed Herring Salad 

This Russian layered salad consists of vegetables (potatoes, beet roots, carrots) chopped onions and mayonnaise. A layer of the dish also includes apples.  The final layer is made using beetroots which gives the salad a purple colour. The salad looks as delightful as it tastes.

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