Few reasons why social media detox is beneficial for you

Social media can be the reason for your anxiety and unhappiness.

Do you know how much time on an average a person spends on social media? It is one hour and forty minutes. Now think about the time that could be used for exercising, catch up with friends, cleaning and even meditation. If you reach out for your phone first thing in the morning to last thing at the time, you should consider social media detox. Social media detox means going off social media for a certain amount of time. Here is why.

  1. You would stop comparing your life to others
Though social media helps us keep in touch with friends and loved one. But most of the times, we end up comparing our life with others. And it lowers our self-esteem. For example, you are struggling in your job, whereas your friend is receiving awards at his work-place or promotions. It would lead to unnecessary comparison and lowering of self-esteem.
  1. It would improve your mood
Believe it or not, but the reason you are anxious, angry and depressed is because of social media. When you check your colleague or friend bought the latest mobile or is holidaying in some exotic location, instead of feeling relaxed, you would feel gloomy and anxious. If you are feeling these negative emotions regularly, time to go on social media detox.
  1. Focus more on yourself and do things you love
Do you remember the time when there were no social media? Do you remember what you loved to do in your free time? So, what is stopping you? Focus more on yourself and your happiness. Cut the cord and free your happiness.
  1. Live in the moment
Thanks to social media, we are living a virtual life where social media is everything. Going to the concert of your favourite singer? You were busy clicking pictures and recording videos for social media instead of enjoying the moment. No, you are not creating memories; you are ruining the experience. Going on detox would enable you to enjoy your favourite dish without taking a picture first.
  1. Sleeping better
Your five minutes of scrolling before sleeping turns to hours and hours on social media. It results in lack of sleep, laziness and irritation. Instead, try a social media detox and go back to reading your favourite book or listening to soothing music that helps you sleep.

Though it may seem difficult at first, you would soon feel good, happy and rejuvenated.