Few public parks you must visit once in your lifetime

For ages, human beings have been attracted to nature and natural things. It’s the ultimate happiness, peace, and escapism for us.

It’s needless to say parks mean a handful of nature within an urban setting. Whenever you are surrounded by the disturbance of city life and you want a corner of peace, these parks can make your soul breathe well. The best parks around the world are the amalgamation of beautiful landscapes and architecture such as concert venues, open-air theaters, fountains, gardens, and more. The concept of the public park is comparatively a new phenomenon as earlier it used to be the exotic gardens reserved for the aristocratic people. However, after 1880 it became more democratic and available for the common people.

Jardin du Luxembourg, a result of Queen Mary’s nostalgia

Queen Marie de Médicis was nostalgic for the Boboli Gardens in her hometown of Florence. As a result, she created this garden in Paris in 1612. And in today’s time, it has become one of the most attractive public parks in Paris. Jardin du Luxembourg is divided into two parts, French and English gardens with a circular basin where children can play with toy sailboats. This park is the home of more than a hundred statues and when the spring arrives everything becomes alive with the blooming daffodils. 

Central Park, a place you should not miss while traveling to New York

It’s said that your trip to New York would be incomplete without visiting Central Park. Stretching from Fifth to Eighth Avenues in Manhattan, this 843-acre park was planned in the year 1853 which makes it the first park in the USA with an amazing landscape. This park, containing many things like lawns, ponds, a boathouse, fountains, sculptures, a castle, an open-air theater, and a nature sanctuary will give you an absolute heavenly feeling that you’ll never ever forget.

Villa Borghese, once as estate of Cardinal Scipione Borghese

This heart-shaped park was part of the estate of Borghese who created a stunning museum in the park. Once not but now this park is free and open to all. In addition to the museum, you can also visit the Museo Nazionale di Arte Moderna and the Villa Giulia National Etruscan Museum, as well as a zoo. There you can also find a replica of the Shakespearean Globe Theatre. Though it’s full of classics, you can also find contemporary art popping up here and there.

So, they can truly justify Emerson’s famous quote “In the presence of nature, a wild delight runs through man, in spite of real sorrow”.