Few points about Dark Desire, a thriller drama; whether it's a must-watch or not

Dark Desire is a 2020 Mexican thriller drama originally available on Netflix, produced by Argos Comunicación. The series is starred by Maite Perroni, Erik Hayser, Alejandro Speitzer, María Fernanda Yepes, Regina Pavón and Jorge Poza. The production was started on 6th May 2019, and finally, it premiered on 15th July 2020. In this article, we will discuss a few points of this thriller, and later we'll decide whether you should make it a part of your watch list or not. The gist in a brief Dark Desire or Oscuro Deseo is about a middle-aged law school professor named Alma and how her life was moulded after he met a random guy named Dario. Alma is married to Leonardo, and they have a daughter who is in her teenage years. Once Alma decides to spend a weekend at one of her close friends' places, she discusses with Brenda, her friend, that she doubts that her husband Leo is involved in adultery. Brenda, being a recently divorced cool dude, suggests that she can also have fun with someone else just for the sake of relaxation and some enjoyment. On that night, they went to a club and Alma, because of her anger for Leo, does involve herself with a 25years old guy named Dario. Later on the same night, they hooked up at Brenda's apartment. But their story does not end here. Later, this hook-up and her friend Brenda's death totally changed her life. What is appreciable Like most thrillers, the story starts on a thrilling note where we can see that the cops are arresting Alma, so we are forced to think about the reason behind this arrest. Then the story starts six weeks back. Overall, the build-up is good. Another thing which seems appreciable is the performance of the actors. They have claimed it be a sex and crime drama and their performance proved it effortlessly. What is negligible Overall, the narrative is very much predictable, therefore, utterly disappointing. Even if this fact can be put aside, there are still a few more problems. After a few episodes, the build-up becomes shattered, and it'll give you a feel like unnecessarily it has been stretched to 18 episodes where it should have easily been finished within ten episodes. I don't have any problem with erotic relations as such, but you will get bored with so much unnecessary sex scenes. Final opinion Now the question comes whether you should watch this or not? If you are so fond of erotic relations and can restrict your expectations within physical closeness from a thriller, then you can give it a try. But, if you are not that type, then it’s a big NO from my side. Now the decision is yours.