Few important things to keep in mind before buying a car

We all want to buy a new car. But do you know the checklist to follow before planning and finalizing a new car? We bring you a few important things to consider before buying your dream car.

  1. Why do you need a car
Before you actually decide on a car brand and model, you need to ask yourself why do you mainly need the car? Do you need it for solo office trips, do you live in a city with planned roads or areas where you have rough patches of road, do you wish to carry your family most of the time on intercity trips? Answering this question will let you decide on what to buy!
  1. Choose between mileage vs safety
Giving constant inflation pressure and rising oil prices, choosing a car with maximum mileage often becomes a logical decision. However, while selecting a car, it is important to choose an ideal mix of mileage and safety. Definitely consider built quality, safety features like airbags, brake assist, traction control, ABS etc. too.
  1. Identify the real cost of ownership
Cost of buying a car is upfront and predictable component. It’s important also to understand the cost of owning the car which includes periodical maintenance cost, cost of spares, cost of parts like bumper, headlights etc. Location of service showroom is also a very important cost component as you may have to visit it more than once in a year!
  1. Is it Technologically relevant
Buying a car in a sizeable expenditure. Moreover, you don’t change your car often. So, when you select a car, you should do some research to identify whether the car you are choosing runs the risk of being technical obsolete? You should consider things like hybrid technology, safety features, engine and transmission relevance while making this decision.
  1. Getting the best financial deal
It’s important to get the best deal for trade-in a car, maximize upfront discount and get the optimal financing deal. This may require you to visit 2-3 dealers, but the effort is definitely worth. Also, keep in mind the resale value of your car a few years down the line can also minimize your loss in future.
  1. Test drive yourself before finalizing
Lastly, test drive the 2-3 cars you have selected; don’t go by recommendations alone! What’s good for someone else may not be good for you. So, drive yourself and choose for yourself.

While at dealership ask a lot, and talk to the salesperson. There are some critical questions that only the salesperson can answer. Happy driving!