Few important points about the temperate zone of the earth

Willing to experience a pleasant climate with moderate rain and snow? A temperate country would be perfect for you.

A brief overview regarding temperate zone

According to the geography, the temperate zone is spotted between the Tropic and the Arctic or Antarctic zone. To be more specific, the latitude would be 40 to 60 degrees north and south from the Equator. The speciality of this particular zone is that it consists of a moderate temperature, as the name suggests. Slightly warm in summer and cold in winter will be the ideal words to explain this zone.

Countries lie under this zone.

Important countries under the temperate zone include parts of India, Australia, South Africa, China, Japan, and Europe. New Zealand needs a special mention because it is well known for its most temperate climate, which is warmest in the north and coldest in the south. It is a love for those who enjoy both the sun and snow.

Smaller climate zones can be seen here.

The temperate zone does not have a single climate pattern like tropical countries. The weather can be divided into a few smaller climate zones based on temperature fluctuation and rainfall. The humid subtropical climate, Mediterranean climate, oceanic, and continental climate are some of the classifications of this climate. The subtropical climate is more like tropics and less like temperate climate, which means high temperature, procrastinated summer, prominent monsoon, and short winters can be seen in this zone. Countries like the lower east coasts of continents such as Argentina, Uruguay and south of Brazil, the southeast portions of East Asia, the southern United States, South Africa, Ethiopia, and eastern Australia have this climate pattern. The Mediterranean climate is just the opposite of subtropics. It consists of dry summer, moderate rainfall in the winter and long and prominent winters. Countries like northwestern Afro-Eurasia, coastal California, parts of Australia, South Africa, and Chile’s southwestern coast are the parts of this climate.

Demography, agriculture and urbanization

The majority of the human population lives in the northern temperate zone because of the huge mass of land. It is also rich in flora and fauna, and in this matter, Africa climate, wildlife, biodiversity contribute the most. Agriculture is an important practice in this climate because of the availability of warm summer and proper rainfall. Urbanization can also be found because of the high population in this zone. Smart cities, skyscrapers, well-known industries and job opportunities are available in the countries.

Overall, it can definitely be a nice option to stay in such countries located in temperate zones. What is your take regarding this opinion?

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