Few historical cities in the world

Histories are boring, right? Well, not always. Knowing about the past can be interesting as well. History is something unavoidable. We can't proceed further without neglecting the origin of anything. Be it the history of a single cell to the history of the great empires- history always fascinates us with its uniqueness. And if you are a traveller, your eagerness to explore the world is your greatest key to unlocking the unknown amongst the known. There are few cities in the world that are loaded with some significant cultural history. You simply can't imagine visiting these cities without knowing their age-old story. In this article, we'll talk about a few such cities which are historically significant enough. So, let's get into them- Alexandria, the hub of knowledge in ancient times Because of its location around the Egyptian Nile, Alexandria was well known as an important port city since ancient times. It is the city where one of the largest libraries of ancient times was situated, which was basically the symbol of cultural superiority and great intellectual achievement. But, unfortunately, everything was destroyed during the fire that Julius Caesar himself initiated. Don't forget that it was the city of Eratosthenes, the great philosopher who discovered the Earth's round shape. Later the city also became famous during the time of Napoleon. Overall, it has started its journey so long, and now you can feel that richness while roaming around the streets of Alexandria. Athens, an important place of western civilisation The history of Athens is so old that it often makes us surprised when we try to trace it. It is loaded with an inhabitation history of around 7000 years. Athens, a city well known for its myths, art, architecture, literature and cultural history, is appreciated for its awe-inspiring ruins like the Parthenon and the Temple of Zeus. It is still well recognised for its entertainment, commerce and finance sectors. Varanasi, a place of devotion in India Varanasi was one of the oldest cities, situated way back around the 11th century BC. The city flourished predominantly because of Hinduism as it is the home of so many temples and Ghats near the banks of Ganga, where the pilgrims come for the completion of religious and ancestral rites and rituals. One of the important temples is called the Kashi Bishwanath temple of the great Lord Shiva. Make sure not to miss the evening ‘Aarti', which will fill your soul with devotion and wisdom. So, you should definitely start exploring the history of these places. What’s say?