Few cool things to do to enjoy the summer in London

Is London an ideal place to enjoy summer? Must you be confused, right? Let’s clear all your doubts in this article.

You must be wondering, London is not a place of bright Sun, not even it has some beautiful sunny sea beaches, so how to enjoy the summer here? Well, I am not so happy to inform you that you are thinking to have fun in the most convenient way possible. Let’s change the concept of enjoyment a little bit and find a few other ways through which even the London summer can become exciting. In this article, we’ll discuss some cool ways to have fun during London’s less sunny summer. So, let’s get started-

Notting Hill Carnival, street parade, colourful costumes, live music and a lot of fun

The concept of carnival is pretty much well-known. Like others, London’s Notting Hill Carnival is something equally gorgeous and full of fun. On the August Bank Holiday Weekend, the streets of London become colourful to celebrate Europe’s largest street party where thousands of people come from the neighbourhood to join the parade. You can also decide to stand at look at the parade and enjoy the DJs and groups of dancers with attractive costumes and beautiful dance moves. So, you can definitely be a part of that carnival, and it’ll surely be a once and for all experience.

Moments of relaxation in Hyde Park

Want to have some moments of relaxation from the stressful metropolitan life? Hyde Park can be the best place for that in London. It is the biggest park in London which has become a daily hangout place for Londoners. It’s free and open for all. You, with your friends and family, can go there and have a picnic or you can even enjoy different music festivals held in summer-like British Summer Time. Different types of casual events like screening the movies, sports events, and pop-up food festivals this Hyde Park has to offer you.

Enjoy swimming in the Serpentine, a manmade lake.

The moments at Serpentine Lake won’t let you feel the absence of seaside enjoyments. This manmade lake has so many things to offer, such as swimming in the section known as Lido, roped off with buoys and many more. You can feel the ecstatic beauty of this place even during a summer afternoon. And no doubt regarding the cleanliness of the water, it’s absolutely safe and hygienic.

So, are you going to make London a part of your summer trip list? Don’t forget to share your feedback if it helped you out.

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