Few cool hacks for staying cool in the summer.

Let’s beat the heat without an air-conditioner.

Indian summers are unforgiving and harsh. The sweltering heat and temperature going on to the 40s are, most of the times, unbearable. We often find comfort in such harsh weather in our air conditioners. But summers bring frequent power cuts and no respite from the heat. The situation gets even worse when you are a broke student living in a hostel. So, how to beat the heat without the all-mighty air-conditioners and air-coolers? Here are some of the ways you could achieve that.

The correct placement of the fan.

We often think that fans are useless in the sweltering heat, and they nothing better than to rotate hot air in the room. Aquick hack, if you place your table fan facing outside, preferably towards the windows, the fan would push out the hot air in the room, helping to cool down the temperature. Even with the ceiling fans, try to set them counter-clockwise so they can push the hot air out.

The ice trick.

You can also significantly cool down your room by placing a bowl of ice in front of thefan. As the ice melts, the air from the fan would be cooler.

Replace your pillow with a DIY rice pillow.

Pillows with forms can get heated very easily, and a heat trapped pillow would definitely give you a sleepless night. Instead of the usual pillow, make a rice and herb-filled pillow for yourself. You can find the method easily on the internet. The best part? You can pop the pillow in the freezer, and it would stay cool for a long time, making you feel comfortable.

Pull down the curtains.

Do you know that 30% of the heat comes into your room through the windows? So, keeping them closed during the heat of the day and pulling the curtains down can bring relief to the rising temperature in the room.

Another cool use of hot water bottle

Another great hack is to take a hot water bottle. No, you don’t need it to warm your already toasted feet. Instead, fill it with icy cold water straight out of the freezer. Keep it under your knees, on your feet and let your body cool down.

Sheet in front of the window

Let us learn the trick from the Egyptians, who cooled their rooms and houses by placing a wet or damp sheet in the window to cool down the air from the outside.

So, beat the heat and stay cool in the summer.

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