Fastest Animals In The World

Speed is a necessity for the animals in the wild and some are specifically designed to be ultra-fast.


Some take to the air, others inhabit the waters and can be found on the land as well — animals are everywhere. For animals, especially in the wild, motion is more than just a means for travelling. It’s often their defense for survival — from preying to sustain or escaping being preyed upon, to survive. Therefore speed becomes a necessity for these animals and this list ranks the fastest of them all.


Peregrine Falcon


Maximum speed: 390 km/h

Reaching speeds up to 110 km/h (68 mph) while cruising, it’s enough to feature in this list. Just wait till you see it soar to a great height and then dive steeply for a hunt, registering that blistering pace.


Owing to its very large keel, allowing for more muscle mass, it generates tremendous flapping power. Long, sharp-pointed, swept-back wings contribute towards its mind-boggling speed.


Golden Eagle


Maximum speed: 320 km/h

Belonging to the same ‘order’ but different ‘family’, the wings of the golden eagles are broader and more rounded in comparison, resulting in a slightly less speed, but they do have better eyesight. Their cruising speeds can go well up to 129 km/h (80 mph).



White-Throated Needletail


Maximum speed: 171 kph (106 mph)

Aka the Spine Tailed Swift, they possess a long xiphoid wing and a bullet-shaped body. Like most swifts this, the fastest-flying bird in level flight, spends most of its life airborne.


Frigate Bird


Maximum Speed: 153 kph (95 mph)

Found across all tropical and subtropical oceans, these seabirds have long, angular wings and a deeply forked tail that is often held closed in a point. Their speed comes from bearing the largest wingspan to the body weight ratio of any bird. Remarkably, they can stay afloat for more than a week at a stretch.


Spur-Winged Goose


Maximum speed: 142 kph (88 mph)

Occupying the wetlands throughout sub-Saharan Africa, they are the largest goose in the world and differ from other geese by sporting spurs on their wings. Despite their heft, they can grow between 30-45 inches in length, weigh up to 7 kg, it’s probably their wingspan of 1.5-2 meters, that can propel them to such great speeds.




Maximum speed: 113 kph (70 mph)

Finally, the fastest land animal makes its appearance. Skilled at running down a fast pray, they take just 3 seconds to accelerate to 109.4 kph hour (68 mph) from 0 and is the only big cat who can turn in mid-air while sprinting. Cheetahs bear tear-shaped streaks on their faces which help them to reflect the sun when hunting.

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